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3ds Max to Babylon conversion error


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Hello fellow developers & Babylon.js enthusiasts,


I am currently attempting to export a scene from 3ds Max to .babylon format using the exporter tool. However, I am running into an strange issue during the process. I am receiving this error: "Exportation cancelled: Object reference not set to an instance of an object". I am not sure what this could refer to. During the conversion process I received a few messages stating "Mesh has too many vertices", but I don't think this would be the reason the exportation was cancelled, could it? I would appreciate any tips on what could be causing this problem.


Thank you for your time!

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Thank you dad72 and everyone else for your responses. I have optimized the vertices in my meshes and am no longer receiving the "Mesh has too many vertices" notice, however I still run into the "Exportation cancelled: Object reference not set to an instance of an object" message. Very strange. I am not sure why this is still happening.

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I am sorry that I cannot elaborate much on your new problem since I do not use 3ds max, but simplification was the way to go.  The Blender exporter, which I am familiar with, actually does go beyond the 65 k limit, but it does so by breaking it into multiple meshes & parenting to glue the parts back together.


I believe there could be side effects in addition to performance though, like armature issues.


Also, subMeshes might have a name which is misleading.  More accurately, they are just definitions of vertex ranges into the actual mesh.  Their reason for existing is so that multi-materials can more easily managed .  Consequently, exported meshes which have multiple materials have their vertices which are ordered differently from where they came.


The name of that error sounds like it is coming from a 'catch' for a null pointer exception.

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