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Animated .gif image as texture - how i can use it


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If you must use several images as a sequence other than assembling in an mpeg movie, and the geometry is simple - you might try using one object per image and change the alpha channel to 1 and then 0 for each objects material consecutively in a loop or conditionally.  Not the most efficient method, but it should work.  This is the simplest, however you can also use multiple materials and textures on a single object, and do the same - there are examples online; not for your application, but for more complex shading.  If you cannot find any examples, please let me know.


Cheers  :)


David B.

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Wouldn't it be relatively easy to write a custom shader with an image-array attribute so that as soon as you apply the shader to your object you can fill the array with images and it would automatically itterate through the array, switching the texture applied to the object every "n"-seconds?

//Though I have never written a single shader... so it might as well not ... just an idea ;)

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