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Found 7 results

  1. Hi ! I have a mobile game based on pixi.js+pixi-spine (let's call it the client). I also have a backend in node.js (let's call it the server). Now, I want to dynamically generate gifs from my spine characters and display/send them from server's side. I have 2 options: generate the gif files on the client, send them to the server store my spine assets on server, generate the gifs server side I'd prefer option 2, but rendering on an headless server seems to not be a straight road. I tried quickly node-pixi, just the require is complaining about window missing. Anybody has experience doing tis kind of server side rendering? Any suggestions?
  2. Is it possible, and if so how, to play GIFs in phaser 3?
  3. I was actually planing at some point to publish creating GIF files directly from scenes. I am still trying to get the transparency working, but here is a small loop from a scene. I tried to add this as an avatar for here, but as you can see only the first frame is there. There is someone's that actually works. Anyone know how to do this?
  4. Hi, my name is Gerardo Quiroz, I am pixel artist; I've done many pixel art pieces on characters, mockup, environment, background and some animation. I'm available for work; you can contact me at You can see my portfolio in - Twitter: @kirokaze – -Here are some pieces I’ve done: Characters Pieces Mockup Animation Cheers, Gerardo
  5. What I would like to do: Take an image with a transparent background and use it as a material so that on a mesh you only see the foreground on a face and so when you look through a face you also see the foreground image on a back face. You can see the sort of effect I wish for below. At the moment not concerned about orientation just transparency. When I try it in a playground the transparency is lost. Is there a way I should be doing it so that the transparency remains or do I need to write a new shader? EDIT tried with gif - same result.
  6. Hi Babylonier, need a animated gif as texture. the gif i see on the mesh, but only the first image. the gif start automaticly in the browser, but not on a babylon mesh. No i cant use ogv or mp4 for 3 or 4 images per sequence/file. thanks Alberto
  7. Hi, I'm trying to create an explosion when I shoot an enemy jet. Not just an image when I shoot an enemy but an explosion to where it explodes and then fades like a GIF files. How could I implement that on my game? Right now I'm using a sprite sheet. Any help would be great thanks!