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Weird frame rate issue


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Hi friends, since yesterday I have a weird issue with the framerate of my phaser game, the problem is that my game FPS go down to 40, and just yesterday it was at full 60, the issue definitely is not with my code, because I go to Game Mechanic Explorer and all the demos run also in 40FPS. I've tried my game in another computers and the framerate goes to 60 again. I need to solve this because this is my development machine. Thanks in advance.


PD: Sorry for my english, I speak spanish!


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My guess is that it's GPU related. Either your GPU is now blacklisted and can't go into WebGL mode, or a driver regression. I recently have my nvidia driver update on my main PC and it took performance through the floor (across the board though, even in normal games on Steam) so i had to downgrade it.


Equally I find that Chrome extensions cause me performance grief, so I use Canary now for all testing with every single extension disabled. But if you're seeing the same in there and other browsers then I suspect it's almost certainly GPU related.

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