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Phaser animation play -> "x of undefined"


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my game.js code produced an error on animations.play - It can not find the x position of "undefined"
I don't know why because the Sprite which should be animated is created before.


~ Using Phaser 2.2


State where lvlObjX is created:

this.lvlObjX = game.add.sprite( game.width - 40 * pixelratio, game.height / 2 + 150 * pixelratio, 'lvlObjXSpriteData');this.lvlObjX.angle = 90;this.lvlObjX.anchor.setTo(1,0);this.game.physics.enable(this.lvlObjX, Phaser.Physics.ARCADE);this.lvlObjX.body.immovable = true;
State where the animation is added and played:
this.lvlObjX.animations.add( 'extend', [7,8,9] );this.lvlObjX.animations.play( 'extend', 8, false ); (error: game.js: 666, this line )
Result: Error :
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'x' of undefined phaser.js:36264b.Sprite.setFrame phaser.js:36264b.Animation.play phaser.js:50866b.AnimationManager.play phaser.js:50351(anonymous function) game.js:666b.SignalBinding.execute phaser.js:19112b.Signal.dispatch phaser.js:18978 dispatch phaser.js:18684b.Animation.complete phaser.js:51250b.Animation.update phaser.js:51070b.AnimationManager.update phaser.js:50415b.Sprite.preUpdate phaser.js:36113b.Group.preUpdate phaser.js:21324b.Group.preUpdate phaser.js:21324b.Stage.preUpdate phaser.js:19926b.Game.updateLogic phaser.js:25696b.Game.update phaser.js:25649b.RequestAnimationFrame.updateRAF phaser.js:44894window.requestAnimationFrame.forceSetTimeOut._onLo

Any suggestions on it? Maybe I simply missed something..



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Hmm okay. Sorry, I really wouldn't know then  :(  

Are you sure it's possible to write 

(game.width - 40 * pixelratio, game.height / 2 + 150 * pixelratio, ...);

instead of 

((game.width - 40) * pixelratio, (game.height / 2) + (150 * pixelratio), ...)); 


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yeah that's no problem. it first gets the multiplication - as of maths rules.
The Sprite is also rendered and fully functional (collision detection etc.)

I definitively can output the x and y values of the "lvlObjX". So this is done right.

only the animation themes to cause that error which I do not know how it is produced.

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I set it to false, cause it should not loop, it should only be one time.
But before the animation is started the error occurs. I do not think that there is something wrong with the loop.

even this isn't the first time that I use it this way, it has worked before in the same code. but not on this code (as posted above)

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I've got it.
Julia, you were right by mentioning:



Are you loading your spritesheet in the preload function?  :) Like so: 

this.game.load.spritesheet('lvlObjXSpriteData', 'yoursprite.png', yourframewidth, yourframeheight, yournumberofframes);

I simply forgot to raise the amount of frames > yournumberofframes, because I updated the graphic. Now the animation works - Noob failure on my side ;)


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