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Using .tiff Font


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Hello, Is there any way I can use .tiff as Font?


I have read in docs, and I can't find it.

BitmapFont can only use font from png, or using google webfont.


Is there any way I can use .tiff file for font in my game?


Thank you

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I'm aware that the question was about .tiff - which even seems to be the wrong format for all kinds of usage as a font.
You can easily import .TIFF into Photoshop (or something even) and export a .png or whatever you need.

and with the exported files you can also generate an bitmap font if you wish so.

still as a Designer I can tell you that every "good" font comes in ttf / otf Formats.
.tiff as a font format is probably wrong.



and .otf should be used for print media.

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Load font with @font-face

        @font-face {
            font-family: "blopF";
            src: url('assets/font/blop.ttf') format("truetype"),
                url('assets/font/blop.woff') format('woff'),
                url('assets/font/blop.eot') format('embedded-opentype');
this.text = game.add.text(10,10,'test',{fill:'#000',font:'150px blopF'});

//blopF is name of font.
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Hello. I have tried using fontface for .ttf file.


However strange things occured. Somehow, the font is not loaded (thus using default font) when the first time I use it. However, when I retart the game state (using Game.state.play('statename')), the font works.


My guess is, the cause for that is because the font hasn't finished loaded when phaser object created.

This is more confusing because I create phaser object at window.onload event (so, it will fired after all resources load finished).

Even more so, I go through Boot State and Preloader State before going into Play State.


Can anyone give me insight on that?

What might cause this behavior

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