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shaderMaterial custom attributes


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Hi guys,


I have read some tutorials about ShaderMaterial, but I don't see in any of then if it is possible to add custom attributes apart from position, uv and normal.


What I would like is create a list of floats (one for each position) and keep it in the mesh (so far so good).

When creating the ShaderMaterial, I want to add this list as another attribute so I can take the right value for each position when rendering the material and work with it.


Any ideas?





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Hello, this is perfectly feasible using ShaderMaterial constructor:)

var myShaderMaterial = new BABYLON.ShaderMaterial("cloud", scene, {            vertexElement: "vertexShaderCode",            fragmentElement: "fragmentShaderCode",        },        {            needAlphaBlending: true,            attributes: ["position", "uv", "listOfStuff"],            uniforms: ["worldViewProjection"],            samplers: ["textureSampler"]        });

You have then to use mesh.setVerticesData("listOfStuff", data) to fill your data

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Hi Deltakosh, I did exactly was you told me, but when I define and try to use the new attribute "listOfStuff" in the vertex and fragment files I am getting this error:


[.WebGLRenderingContext]GL ERROR :GL_INVALID_OPERATION : glDrawElements: attempt to access out of range vertices in attribute 3 


I have checked the mesh and I can see my new list of floats when doing the getVerticesDataKinds, it is looking good. The way I have defined the attribute in the shader is like this:


attribute float listOfStuff;


It looks like the new attribute is not properly set at the moment the vertex files is executing. I was expecting the same behavior we have with normal, uv and position. Do I have to manually set the attribute values using the "setFloats"? If that is the case, I have to create a new material for each mesh and I was using the same material for several meshes.





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Not sure if this is the right way of sharing this, so let me know about it.


I have the proof of concept ready and failing as expected. I am trying to replicated as much as possible what I am doing, so it should give you an idea.


I have created a dummy html file (it should work just clicking, well, fail as expected):



It also include a simple js file and two images.


Thank you!

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