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Pixel Artist needed for hobby platform game!


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I need a pixel artist for a platformer I'm working on!

Contact me at [email protected] for more specifics.


Working on a retro-styled 2D platformer game. Essentially, a film noire detective story platformer, with a combination of precise jumps, melee fighting, and gadget puzzles.

Tentatively titled "Dark Room: A Quentin O'Reilly Adventure".


The game is a resolution of 512x288px, or 32 tiles x 18 tiles (consisting of 16x16px tiles).


I'm looking for the following:

- some animated character sprites (approx. 48px by 16px)

- environment tiles, walls, platforms, various objects, etc. (16px by 16px square)

- misc assets, GUI, HUD, etc. TBD.


Initially, I'm interesting in a main character design (the detective) and some sample assets which fit the genre. If your style fits, more work would follow!

The game is a hobby, with a goal of building a demo to release to a few of my contacts in the games industry before considering full development and a full release. If the demo is successful, and the game art style and mechanics seem fruitful, I will build a Kickstarter campaign leading to a full release on the Mac App Store or though the Humble Store, or equivalent.


I cannot initially pay you, I am simply offering a chance to build portfolio. If your style fits, and development continues with your art, you will receive listing in the game's credits. If the game reaches Kickstarter or paid release (whichever is first), you will receive monetary compensation for your work.


I look forward to hearing from you!

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Hello, I hope I am not too late in sending this message. I would really like to draw any assets and tile sets for your game which you are creating. Pixel art is one of my favorite types of art and I also have experience in other styles of concept/digital art too. Please consider me as a viable option.

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