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Top down grid style movement / collisions etc.


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Hi guys


I'm planning a game where you control a character (zelda style movement).


For this, I need to utilise tiles and I know there is a tiled plugin at early stages of development.


What I'm wondering about the most is collisions. I feel using physics is a little overkill for this case.


What would be the performance drawbacks of using tweens for movement + math to check whether there is a wall in the way.


This would have to be done for every tile on update.


If you have any suggestions / ideas on how to approach this, that would be awesome :)


Thank you in advance!

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I think this'll depend a lot on what you specifically want to detect with "walls in the way"? If you're plotting out a complete path, you'd have to go ahead and do path finding (I've done a JS setup before based on A*, interesting and fun to say the least!). If you're simply trying to detect, can entity at [10, 14] go to the next tile [10, 15], you'll have to simply check the registry on that tile. In both situations, it would be safe to say, you need to really think your game world's registry system through from A to Z before starting anything else. (how to fetch entities occupying tile [x, y] and doing this in an efficient way)


I love making tile-based games  :wub:

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