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A Guide to the Phaser Scale Manager


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Hi all,


I'm please to announce that this new book is now out.




The Scale Manager is a powerful part of the Phaser game framework. By learning how to use it properly you can explore the different scale modes on offer and ensure your game looks great no matter what screen size it appears on. The guide covers:


  • Picking a resolution for your game
  • The different Scaling Concepts used in Phaser
  • Setting a Phaser Scale Mode with a detailed look at the 5 modes on offer
  • Game Alignment
  • Scaling on Mobile
  • Forcing Orientation
  • Using the Fullscreen API
  • Important Scale Manager Properties
  • Changes in Phaser 2.2
  • Source Code


The book is available from here in PDF, iPad and Kindle formats.


It's released as "pay what you want" as I want the knowledge to be out there, so if money is tight then you're welcome to get it for free. However if you can afford a few dollars it will go towards writing the next guide.

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See I knew there was an upside to staying up til 4 am


edit: small typo on p.32, where a " is missing in the game call


edit 2: very comprehensive, i was not considering a making a mobile version of my game precisely because of the scaling issues, now i am. cheers!

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Thanks for the feedback guys :) I've made some edits today and will publish a new version - so if anyone spots something else, please let me know!


I've been so encouraged by the number of people getting this Guide that I'm starting the next one tomorrow :)


Will it include a section on the windowConstraints?

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Hi Rich


I found this very useful and am looking forward to more in due course.


I noticed a few minor typos whilst reading and in the spirit of Lean Pub please see below for a list.


I have also uploaded an annotated version to my Dropbox (which I will remove in due course) to make it easier to see the typos in context.




I hope this is useful.






Page 2 - 2 typos (you've --> you) (is --> it)
Page 3 - missing apostrophe in "player's bandwidth"
Page 5 - suggested re-wording and missing apostrophe in "game's parent container"
Page 6 - missing letter "e" in "the"
Page 11 - missing apostrophe in "parent's dimensions"
Page 13 - missing apostrophe in "sprite's width"
Page 13 - typo (regadless --> regardless)
Page 17 - typo (depending --> depend)
Page 22 - "straightforward" is one word
Page 23 - missing apostrophe in "device's screen"
Page 23 - "Fullscreen mode" inconsistently capitalised compared to elsewhere on the page
Page 23 - "MouseEvent" inconsistently capitalised compared to page 24
Page 24 - Fullscreen and FullScreen both used
Page 25 - "Fullscreen mode" should be "fullscreen mode"
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Thanks for the feedback Michael - I've incorporated all of your changes into the new release I published today.


Also everyone - here is my new book: A Guide to the Phaser Tween Manager. You can get emailed when it's ready from that page. I'm 20% through and it's already quite large, so this will be a bigger and more detailed book than the Scale Manager one, with more creative source code too. Looking forward to releasing it next week :)

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Finding the book really useful thanks. 


Couple of typos that could cause confusion in the code:

Pg 36 update function backslash at end of minHeight and and maxHeight shouldn't be there.

s = s.concat("minWidth: " + game.scale.minWidth + " - minHeight: " + game.scale.minHeight\+ "\n");s = s.concat("maxWidth: " + game.scale.maxWidth + " - maxHeight: " + game.scale.maxHeight\+ "\n");
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s = s.concat("minWidth: " + game.scale.minWidth +           " - minHeight: " + game.scale.minHeight + "\n");s = s.concat("maxWidth: " + game.scale.maxWidth +           " - maxHeight: " + game.scale.maxHeight + "\n");

code formatting is stupid :( 

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Hi @rich

What do you think about to add more examples to create games/websites like http://flashvhtml.com/ and http://www.goodboydigital.com/runpixierun/ using Phaser?

Because the scaling is fullScreen, we need more examples about that... (using assets with different sizes according on the size of the device)

Thanks in advance, Nicholls

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