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Multi-touch control games


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Do you guys believe that games that require multi-touch capabilities will not sell as well as games of equal quality that are just single touch?


I know some devices don't have multi-touch, but come on, it's 2013.  Even the ipod touch 3rd gen had multi touch back in 2009.


Is it that Mobile browsers don't take well to it?

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If you handle it well, multi touch is not a problem. I have made several games that are using multitouch, and it was not a problem.


Though Firefox OS still handles it very poorly, so you might have bad surprises when testing (but they're probably working on it).

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I don't think there is anything wrong with multi-touch when done well. Doesn't work on Android 2.x and you have to be really careful not to design a game that makes it easy for the player to accidentally trigger browser/OS gestures. Aside from that I don't see any issue.

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