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A Guide to the Phaser Tween Manager + Code Bundle


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Hi all,


I'm very pleased to announce that my second Phaser book: A Guide to the Phaser Tween Manager is now available:




This time I take a very deep dive into the new Phaser 2.2 Tween Manager. I know what you may be thinking: "I don't really need a book telling me how to tween stuff!" - but hopefully after reading it you may come away with some more ideas and unique ways of implementing tweens in your games.


I also cover pre-calculation, applying tweens to shaders, tilesprites, all the different ease types with visual demos and even a complete game made just with tweens (and one input event).


This time around the book does have a minimum price, but it's only $5 ($10 if you want the source code too) - this is mostly because it's 120 pages in size and took longer to write than my previous book.


There is also an optional source code bundle too. It includes 67 fully complete examples, all in easy to run html files, showing every example from the book in detail. Some screen shots of those are below:







Anyway I hope you like it! I'm starting on my next book tomorrow :)





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Seems like an awesome book, I just bought it even if I'm doing poorly financially xD

Gonna dig into it for the next few hours and learn some more awesome stuff for sure..

Really looking forward to the next book about the State Manager, as I'm rather confused about it since most game source code I've checked out was rather simplistic stuff.

Keep up the good work, Mr. Rich! :)

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Will start reporting issues as I see them, passed a few already since I'm near the end of the book though.


1. Page 86, using "instead" twice in the first sentence.


But instead of running these tweens, instead they are used to generate data from.


2. In example1-position.html line 12 should use CANVAS, because on AUTO, WebGL tends to be used at times and doesn't like the asset links due to security issues, while canvas makes it easier to run the example files anywhere.

        var game = new Phaser.Game(800, 600, Phaser.AUTO, '', { preload: preload, create: create });

Seems more examples files are actually using AUTO, wondering if there's a way to disable the WebGL security issue...

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