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Loading progress of gzip served .babylon files


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Hi people,


Nice idea to use gzip version of babylon.js file, thank you DK !

the minified version is less than 600k and we use gzip on it to go down less than 100k


But to optimise more, I also activated on my apache server automatic gzip of .babylon files


(for those that could help, it could be done in the .htaccess :

AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/babylon \                              application/babylonmeshdata

And now I cannot anymore express the loading progress in %, as if progress.lengthComputable is no more computable.

Is that normal or I'm doing something wrong ?

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Knowledge of apache configuration is not actually required to know if content length is being sent.  Here is how to tell in Java.  How it might translate into Java script is unknown, but running this against a url on your server will tell you if you should care.

import java.io.*;import java.net.*;public class Length {	public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {    	final String addr = (args.length > 0) ? args[0] : "http://svn.code.sf.net/p/cmusphinx/code/trunk/cmudict/cmudict.0.7a";        DataInputStream response = null;        HttpURLConnection con = null;        try{            final URL site = new URL(addr);            con = (HttpURLConnection) site.openConnection();            // set attributes prior to actually connecting            con.setUseCaches(false);            con.setConnectTimeout(0);            con.setReadTimeout(0);            // connect & check response, store cookie, & get response data            con.connect();                        final int returnCode = con.getResponseCode();            if (returnCode == HttpURLConnection.HTTP_OK){                response = new DataInputStream(con.getInputStream() );                int length = con.getContentLength();                System.out.println( (length != -1) ? "Known length of " + length : "unknown length");            }else{                throw new Exception(addr + " Web site responded: " + con.getResponseMessage() + ", response code: " + returnCode);            }        }finally{            if (response != null) response.close();            if (con != null) con.disconnect();        }    }}

Never ran this myself, but I did chop it out of a program to retrieve / build an Arpabet database, and it compiles.

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