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3ds Max bones export


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Thanks for working on this, I think it will be really useful for a lot of people :)


I'm getting an error on my scenes (which exported OK under the previous version). This comes up as the exporter is trying to do the 'Exporting Skeletons" saying "Exportation cancelled: Object reference not set to an instance of an object".


It seems to be related to the skin modifier as if i remove that, the scene exports OK. A quick play with the skin mod 'Advanced Parameters' doesn't seem to have any effect. Any idea what might be causing this?

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So for me, it is exporting correctly. There is no longer a problem with the big bones and of forced to hidden


But there is a problem with animation at axis the x, y, z.  I made an animation or I get his foot on the y axis, but in babylon is the X axis is animate.


I send you the file via MP.

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Hi, I am the dev currently working on Max2Babylon (and responsible for the last update that should "support" bone-based animations).


I made quite an heavy refactoring with this update in order to use 3DSMax export apis instead of the scene manipulation APIs that should help us to better handle axis system translations and other things like bones exports.

However the amount of code changes that I made may have introduce some bugs and it would really help if you could send .max files failing to export properly to me or Deltakosh.


Additionaly, BabylonJS is open-source on github, so if you want to experiment with source code, feel free to fork and submit a pull request (main work on Max2Babylon actually occurs on a fork today : https://github.com/simonferquel/Babylon.js so, please prefer to fork this one, as it will go easier to merge everything back to the main repository).


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This has nothing to do with the bones, but with the debuglayer to export
3ds max when you click on Export & Run. debugLayer the button works, but then you can not close it, this does not work.


document.getElementById('debugLayerButton').addEventListener('click', function () {     if (newScene.debugLayer.isVisible()) {             newScene.debugLayer.hide(); // Not work here     } else {            newScene.debugLayer.show();     }});
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The latest version now exports for me now, but animations are still distorted :( 


I'll send a copy of the .max file on to Romanichel.


Another request for the 'export and run' page - The camera seems to be fixed in space, i can rotate the view but not move around with arrow/wasd keys or zoom out. Could this be added? I always end up inside my mesh and can't move to get out!

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The best way for having a better camera, is to put a camera in your scene, so you can get a correct perspective.

The way I test the .max files is simply creating a camera from the current perspective view. The current default camera generation is not correctly done, and unfortunately, I have no time to spare on it for now.

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Hi everyone!

Sorry for my mistakes in english, I'm french.^^

I'm begining to work with BJS and i have the same problem as Xeonzinc during the skeleton export with a skinned mesh => "Exportation cancelled : object reference not set  to an instance of an object.".

I work with 3dsmax 2019, could it be the problem? I saw that the last version of the 3ds Max Exporter is for 3ds Max 2018.

Can i send my .max to someone?

Thank you in advance. 

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Ok i found the solution.

I removed my skin modifier, collapsed the unwrap UVW modifier and reset xForm the mesh. Then I just added the skin modifier (and only it) and the export worked good. :)

Thanks for all your works. I'm often here, reading a lot of problems and trying to solve my own ones. :)

Good day/night/afternoon/morning.

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