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iWin is looking for a killer HTML5 developer


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iWin is an innovative, cross platform developer and publisher of casual games for the mass market. iWin has created award winning games including Jewel Quest, Bubble Town and Jewel Quest Mysteries as well as licensed IP like Family Feud and Deal or No Deal. Our HTML5 versions of Jewel Quest and Bubble Town can be played at Games.com and Yahoo Games among other sites. 


Job description

iWin is developing HTML5 browser-based games and in 2014 we developed 10+ HTML5 games which can be played at http://www.iwin.com/online-games, Iplay.com and http://games.att.net. iWin is s eeking an experienced and motivated HTML5 Games Engineer to lead our engineering efforts for our games as well as develop game prototypes. This individual will work with cross-functional groups to develop, drive and execute well-architected, sustainable and scalable HTML5 games. This requires working collaboratively with Producers, Designers, and others key stakeholders, to deliver world-class experiences. This candidate will be the primary point of contact for all related HTML5 game engineering needs and is responsible for managing the on-going technical relationship with other internal departments. This position requires a thorough understanding of the game development process, extensive experience and knowledge of the various platforms and browsers (including their limitations/restrictions), familiarity with HTML5 best practices, and strong organizational skills. This person needs to be a self-starter that takes initiative and can hit the ground running!


iWin is headquartered in San Francisco and we have an office in Scotland and several remote employees in Ukraine, Greece,  Russia, and Moldova. Given our distributed work environment, iWin is open to hiring or contracting with remote talent. 


General Responsibilities:

  • Development and/or support of HTML5 games that run on Desktop, Tablet, and Phone
  • Further development/support of iWin’s existing HTML5 games/features
  • Development of prototypes


Day-to-Day Requirements:

  • Write clean, readable, reusable code
  • Use canvas / webGL renderers for displaying graphics
  • Keeping code optimized for fast, efficient per-frame calculations
  • Work with textures atlases/sprite sheets
  • Code custom game effects/particle systems
  • Integrate sound effects and music


Key Abilities:

  • Experience developing games using HTML5
  • Expert knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, CSS3 and/or Java
  • Proficient with jQuery and Canvas
  • Deep familiarity with Phaser.io HIGHLY preferred
  • Flexibility/agility in response to design changes throughout development
  • Experience integrating backend services and other external APIs (ad networks, etc.)
  • Experience using audio sprites
  • Profound understanding of mobile web development utilizing responsive web technologies
  • A good eye for design and usability
  • Experience in developing interactive web applications that work cross-platform
  • Ability to program and design particle and other “game event” animations
  • Experience porting HTML 5 to iOS/Android app stores using tools like PhoneGap
  • Strong debugging and optimization abilities
  • Strong written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills
  • Willingness to think outside the box and find creative solutions to new problems

Please send your resume to [email protected]


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"A good eye for design and usability" - good coders don't have good eye for design usually. They think(and see) different way than designers. Just like good designers usually have no good eye for good coding, you know :)


And what is this?

"Experience using audio sprites"

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