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New social network looking for HTML5 games


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Hello. I am a moderator of a new startup - social network for creative people http://stalker-zona-tvorchestva.ru/.

Our site was opened a few months ago. Traffic to the site is still quite low. One of the areas of our site - to provide users with online HTML5 games. We want to see the games were free for all , but for registered users have additional features - autosave , participation in the table of records , and others . Unfortunately byudet project is very small, the development and promotion of the project we are doing on their own. Suggest a fee for the provision of games we can not yet.


We offer beginners and not only developers to join our team . If you are interested , write , and I will tell more about the project , we see good prospects for the future and continue to work to achieve good results .

Unfortunately engaged and development and correction of errors , web promotion and search for interesting solutions while continuing to work on the basic work to fund the project is simply not enough time. Game Development interesting to do and I would have gladly engaged them , but ....

Waiting for your comments .

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Well, maybe you should start with something other than ".ru"


Because I wouldn't click on anything ending with .ru


Not that I'm an anti russian type of guy.

Rather that .ru is usually synonymous of scam or site loaded with malware.


Try .com, .org, .net, it just look safer.

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Hello everyone! Thank you for your comments. But I can not understand what the problem is with the domain zone .ru? My site has a distinct geographic location for my country and for this reason it is in this domain zone . The main users of the site is trusted zone .ru rather than any other ! I will not change in any case the domain zone.
It was a response to the flooding, which dissolved in the subject. I see aggression expressed against my country.

I was looking for not problems with geographic location , and the experts! And I do not care how will an expert , I do not have any national prejudices and cooperate with people from different countries.

I have a big request - please do not write nationalistic flooding. If you are an expert , let us work together.

Especially if you are interested in my offer to someone we can work without me said site , as I myself am able to program and do many things .

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Здравствуйте. Я пробовал связываться с разработчиками игр на предмет приобретения лицензий на игры. Как результат - средняя стоимость одной игры составляет примерно $400. Указанная сумма превышает мой доход в полтора раза. Пока что я не могу позволить себе приобретение таких лицензий. На текущий момент я занимаюсь переработкой игр, которые имеют свободные лицензии, в частности я нашел несколько игр, на которые распространяется свободная лицензия на код, а графика имеет копирайт - для них я делаю новую уникальную графику, на которую поставлю свой копирайт, а код игры, даже после адаптации и русификации будет иметь открытую лицензию (я буду предоставлять ссылку на оригинал).

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