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Pixi.js v1.3.0 Released!

Mat Groves

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Hey everyone,


Good news! Pixi.js v1.3.0 has just been released. Harder, faster, better, stronger!






Heres the formal list of all the pixi.js v1.3.0 updates for you to check out too:
  • Spine runtime is now much more robust with lots of little tweaks and bug fixes to make it more compatible.
  • Spine runtime now supports skins.
  • New Spine example (goblins) added to show how skins work.
  • RequestAnimationFrame Polyfill updated.
  • Custom object hitAreas can now be circles / rectangles / or polys.
  • WebGL Shader optimised by removing projection matrix.
  • Rendering now uses linked list to traverse objects increasing render speeds.
  • Optimised addChild function. Its now way faster.
  • Added new graphics object allowing for primitive drawing.
  • New example added to showcase the graphics object.
  • Added masks. A graphics object can now be used to mask another pixi object.
  • New example added to showcase masking.
  • Src code organised into nice new structure.
  • Option to enable/disable antialiasing when creating a webGL renderer.
  • Original mouse events now passed along to pixi interaction events.
  • PreventDefault is now not called by the interaction manager on mouse down / touchStart.
  • setInteractive replaced with the getter/setter interactive.
  • Lots of other little bug fixes and tweaks that make pixi even better.

We hope you enjoy it :D


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