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Phaser plugin to create animation with keyframes


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Hey Nicholls! It's like the third time you ask this kind of question (maybe not the same question but your objective is the same).


Have you tried asking the guys at Waste-Creative?

Have you tried asking on Stack Overflow?

Why are you so focused on doing it with Phaser?


It really seems there is no direct way of achieving what you want. Maybe you should develop your own tool?

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But what is the problem with MightyEditor? I mean it has animations based on keyframes. It has export to json. It is made on Phaser. 

The code isn't as modular as we would wan't and there is no easy way to separate animations. So instead of spending time for extracting one module we would better focus on developing a new feature. You can use a whole tool and I don't think that other features disturbs your work.  

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