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Desktop Browser Ads and Panda?


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Hi guys


I'm trying to find a way to insert ads into a panda game. Either a preroll or an banner style ad would be fine.


I keep finding services that monetise mobile traffic, but not desktop browsers.


Is there a way I could let's say, plugin CPMStar ads into a panda game (for example on the menu screen).


Thank in advance for any info :)

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I would like to know too. CPM star I think it requires you a site with big traffic. Or input someone's else CPMstar, like a partner(he will get 10 or 15% I think). So you probably could go with newgrounds.com or something like that who gives you their CPMstar.

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You should developp your own plugin and then share it on this Forum :P.

I think a plugin like this should be easy to make. A simple Graphics when you draw the image, then bind the onclick function to redirect on the ads page.


Something like this :

game.module(	'plugins.ads').body(function() {game.Ads = game.Class.extend({	adId: '000000',	adLink: null,	sprite: null,		init: function() {		// Here grab the ad image, the ad redirect link and other infos you want, from the ad API.		game.addAsset('http://linktothead.com/ad-15845dedf.png', 'ad-image');		this.sprite = new game.Graphics();		this.sprite.drawImage('ad-image', 0, 0, 460, 68);		this.sprite.interactive = true;		this.sprite.buttonMode = true;		this.sprite.mouseup = this.onClick.bind(this);	},	onClick: function() {		window.open(this.adLink);	}});});
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