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Phaser Chains (a different way to explore phaser docs)


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Here we go... PhaserChains IntelliJ IDEA plugin is done :)


This is the plugin's page in the JetBrains plugin registry:




However I cannot see it in the IDE settings, I don't know if it has to be approved or something (I have no previous experience with IDEA, any help is welcome).


Anyway, you can install it very easy from this ZIP file:




To open the Phaser Chains tool window go to the main menu Tool > Phaser Chains or type CTRL+SHIFT+I

As usual, double click on a chain to open the JSDoc, and double click on an example to see the code on the default browser of your OS.


The code and instructions are here:




And this is the screenshot:





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Thanks @Raicuparta!


New fuatures...


Together with the Phaser API and docs, the tool shows the matching lines of the official Phaser examples. It is very nice because in this way the new developer gets in a first glance how to use that API.


For example, if you are looking for:

you will find the API of the

method, but also you will see, in the examples panel, a demonstration of how to use them:

bot.animations.add('run');s.animations.add('spin', [0,1,2,3]);s.animations.add('spin', [0,1,2,3]);
But you will not find only examples of the API, else you can discover "new" API, or the API need for a specific purpose. Let's say you want to know when a key is down, but you are not very familiar with the API, then you can find for:

You will see, in the API panel, some methods like:

Phaser.Key.onDown : Phaser.Signal;Phaser.GameObjectFactory.button(x, y, key, callback, callbackContext, overFrame, outFrame, downFrame, upFrame, group) : Phaser.Button;Phaser.GameObjectCreator.button(x, y, key, callback, callbackContext, overFrame, outFrame, downFrame, upFrame) : Phaser.Button;Phaser.Key.processKeyDown(event.) : void;Phaser.Key.timeDown : number;Phaser.Key.isDown : boolean;
It gives you an idea of how to listen for a key down, but in the example panel you will discover the path to that method, or not the path, else the different paths:

if (game.input.keyboard.isDown(Keys.LEFT))spaceKey.onDown.add(togglePause, this);if (upKey.isDown)
At the same time, at the end of each matching line of the examples, you get a link to the complete example in the official github repo, so you can see the API you are looking for in a context.


Because now there are more panels, you can play with the "layout" button, it has 3 different layouts.


Ah, I missed to say, just now I implemented an "updating website" message. The website uses the application cache, so if this is not your first time, you should wait a bit and then refresh, to get the last changes. Next time it will advice you automatically.




Hi ariana please add content of this post as a tutorial to your website and extensions, that could be very useful, for example i was not aware of usage of * , but this is awesome and im really happy about this feature

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This is absolutely awesome. And thank you for releasing the source too. In fact, I just signed up on this forum to say KUDOS! to you :)


PhaserChains is very very helpful for me as I am just starting out in Phaser. The help system is indeed superior to the static docs as an API reference and guide, plus the discovery of new APIs is also wonderful, just like you mentioned in an earlier post in this thread.



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Hi all,


Phaser Chains was updated to support Phaser v2.4.3


I did some work to read the Phaser API directly from the Phaser source code and not from the JSON files generated by jsdoc (they are outdated in the phaser repo), so next Phaser releases will be easier to include in Chains.


If there is any issue, you are welcome to write it here.






P.S. Phaser Chains uses the Offline Cache of your browser, so you have to wait it to be updated, in any case you can try refreshing your browser. You can know if it was updated if you look for the "game.load.video" method ;-)

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I missed to say that the Brackets plugin is just a frame of the online website, so it will get the last changes too.


The Eclipse plugin will be deprecated since now you can enjoy Phaser Editor, where Chains is included and up to date.


The IntelliJ plugin will be updated in the near future, with the same code base of Phaser Editor.

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