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getJSON returns undefined


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Hey there folks.


I've been trying to get this json to work with PandaJS but no success so far.

{  "raddish": {    "type": "raddish",    "value": 1,    "time": 3,    "rot": 6,    "seeds": 3  }}

I have added it to the loader


But the following returns undefined

game.cropsData = game.getJSON('crops.json');console.log(game.cropsData);

Any clues?


Using latest PandaJS

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It is in the media folder and I can access the json data with the console in the browser, so I know it is properly loaded. For instance, if I do this in the console:


It properly prints the object in the json. If I try the same directly from my game files, it errors out with undefined.

Tried a fresh install from Pandatool, still getting undefined.


Do you have a sample with a working json? I could see if that errors out and further test it.

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I compacted it as a zip, in case there is something up with the files. (http://www.filedropper.com/testjson)


But it is a basic project, made with Panda install.

game.module(    'game.assets').body(function() {  game.addAsset('crops.json');});
game.module(    'game.main').require(    'game.assets',    'game.objects').body(function() {game.cropData = game.getJSON('crops.json');game.createScene('Main', {    init: function() {      console.log(game.cropData);    }});});

And this is the json, named crops.json and stored within the media folder:

{  "raddish": {    "type": "raddish",    "value": 1,    "time": 3,    "rot": 6,    "seeds": 3  }}

If my files work for you then it ought to be something between Panda and Linux.

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