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'this.' vs 'var' questions


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Hi guys


I just wanted to clarify a couple of things ...


I understand that if I create some sprites inside 'init' and want to read their co-ordinates inside 'update', I have to use 'this.' instead of 'var' ...

game.module(    'game.stage01').body(function() {game.createScene('Stage01', {    backgroundColor: 0x000000,    init: function() {        var container = new game.Container().addTo(game.scene.stage);        this.hero = new game.Sprite('hero.png');        this.hero.position.set(240*game.scale, 160*game.scale);        this.hero.anchor.set(0.5, 0.5);        container.addChild(this.hero);    },    update: function() {        console.log(this.hero.x);    }});});

1. What happens with things like containers, should I declare them as 'var' or 'this.'?


2. I realize vars keep things local (inside it's function), but is there any performance drop using 'this.' all the time?


If anybody could elaborate on this a little or point to some info, I would really appreciate it :)


Thank you in advance!

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Here's my two cents, or maybe one and a half...


Upshot is, it's about scope.  "var" makes a variable be associated with the "global" window object, whereas var in a function denotes scope for the function object it is used in - as you are already aware.  "this" is a context variable that lets you specify a particular scope which would otherwise would otherwise be associated with global or function scope (could also be function scope via a closure).   In the next major version of JavaScript, there will also be "let", which will allow block scope.


Anytime you see a dot ( . ) there will always be some sort of performance hit, but in most cases, it is of no importance.  Loops are where little slowdowns will accumulate and kill you - if you aren't in a loop of some kind, don't even worry about it.  If you are, probably still don't worry about it.  Performance testing is the place to fine tune this kind of stuff, though your instinct to pick the correct architecture from the beginning is absolutely a wise one.

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