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Time elapsed since last frame


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Phaser provide few variants how to calc time elapsed since last frame, like game.time.elapsed or this.game.time.elapsedSince ect. But all that variants works badly %). 
For example, I want create moving sprite. It should be smooth and moving speed should not depend on device performance. 
Here simple code example:
private mySprite : Phaser.Sprite;private update(): void{    var dt : number = this.game.time.elapsed;    this.mySprite.x += dt * speed_const;}

For some reason mySprite moving speed depends on FPS. If FPS drops down mySprite moves faster. So game.time.elapsed contain wrong value %). 


Another way:

private mySprite : Phaser.Sprite;private lastTime : number = 0;private update() : void{        var tm : number = this.game.time.totalElapsedSeconds();    var dt: number = tm - this.lastTime;    this.lastTime = tm;    this.mySprite.x += dt * speed_const;}

mySprite moving speed does not depend on FPS, but mySprite moves jerkily because sometime dt == 0.

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