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Web Based Heroes 3 Clone - Game Framework


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I wanna try to make Heroes 3 like game - Web based.

I'm very confused - what game framework should i use for the battle system.

I did some research and for now i think that there are two that should do the work.

PhaserJS with isometric plugin - http://rotates.org/phaser/iso/

And the other one is Cocos2d-JS.

I have none experience with either of them, but it seems that the more popular option is Cocos2dJS. PhaserJS in other hand seems little easy to use and have nice plugin functionality that allows better customization.


Also i think to try to make the backend with ASP.WebAPI combined with SignalR. I also think that some of the UI of the game can be created with AngularJS.


I don't know guys - what do you think about that ? Am i headed to the right direction ? Do you think it is possible to accomplish such project with those technologies ?

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Heroes 3 is not a complex game to make mechanics wise, in my opinion of cause. What is so amazing about it is the artwork, so I'm not saying it's a quick-to-make game, just that it require more artists than hardcore programmers. Pretty much any framework will be sufficient to create something like Heroes 3, it is mostly just sprites moving across the screen, there are not even fancy shaders if I recall correctly. You probably wont even have to use a physics engine for this kind of stuff as there are a very limited number of squares (or hexagons) that things can be positioned at, some simple math and path detection will do.


Generally you want to stay with either just Cocos2d of Phaser as the framework, do not mix angular into it. Angular is a great, but it's best used alone, and for dynamic webpages, not games. While it is easier and faster to create UI with the DOM, you will definitely get a more efficient, responsive and way more maintainable UI by letting Phaser, if your choice falls on it, handle the UI.


For multiplayer you want to use somekind of web sockets. On the client side it's handled the same way in the end by all libraries, but use whatever library you like the most, performance should be the same.


The isometric plugin would be really cool for a heroes type of game, you should definitely look into it :)

Good luck!

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Maybe just join https://ancientbeast.com/ project. They are building HoMM3 like html5 game. Source code is at https://github.com/FreezingMoon/AncientBeast Working with them would allow you to gain more experience in subject and maybe at some point create your own version.


Thanks for suggesting my project :) The truth is that it's in dire need for coder for a long time now, as the gameplay was coded by someone no longer with the project and it's unmaintained and quite broken for more than a year now.

I'm crappy at coding but will get to it if I must, this year someone has been attempting a complete rewrite but it's going really slow, though he had done a HoMM3 clone in phaser before, so I'm hoping he'll manage in the near future.


I agree that artwork is important for this type of project, but I kinda manage to get that covered, small sample of how units will eventually look in-game https://AncientBeast.com/viewer

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I have none experience with either of them


It's bad, if you want to start developping a "big" game with a lot of different entities and ui.

But if you have a good programming skills, your idea has a some chance. Otherwise, try to make some small game

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