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Huge problems with iPhone 5S and landscape mode.


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I've just been working on my first HTML5 game, using the Phaser framework and I've run into a very unfortunate problem regarding landscape mode.


- My game has to run in landscape.

- If it is in portrait mode, an image shows up, telling the user to turn their phone to landscape mode.


OK so far so good. Works perfectly on desktop, all browsers, my iPhone 5 and my iPad. But then:


- My client has an iPhone 5S.

- If he accidently hits the top of the browser, two huge bars come into view, the menus from the Mobile Browser, and screws everything up, because he then gets the "please turn your phone into landscape mode"-image, so he has to flip it to portrait mode and back, in order to get it working again.


His argument is that this game is broken now because of this, people won't know to flip it back and forth.


Any suggestions?



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