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Want a IDEA about Software downloading website


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I don't know, I personally don't trust websites such as CNet, etc. They tend to have their own download managers, which are horrible things.


I just google for what I need, and then download it from the website of whoever makes it. It's quicker, and you're less likely to install any malware.


An exception is BigFish. I like casual games, and I like going to BigFish to download a new one every so often - even if they have their own bloody download manager.

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Yes, sites like download.net, CNet and lately sourceforge are full of crapware. Here is an article where somebody downloaded top 10 entries from download.net: Article .


So step 1 would be: never use a custom download manager on your site .


The google play store has a very nice layout, I think it can be used on normal software download site.


Are you planning to create a download portal?

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Actually i already own one (http://www.filetoss.com) I want to redesign it so that it become tooooo much easier for my clients to download any desire software. I'm plannig to not just feed up my site with lots of softwares like softpedia do (250000+ softwares there). I just want to add most popular and most used software at the site


As u all know for a new website there is very very less chance that for a certain key word like "download avast free antivirus" google direct the user to my site so freeing my website from google and all other fancy and crappy SEO techniques I want to build a one-page software downloading application every thing on once place on any page to page navigation to download software just click on download button and download starts the site will be user focused and may be in future run on donations not on ads etc..


So can u gays please tell me if such an application exist where u can download software directly without navigation and download manager and any thing which is annoying then should u access that site Directly by typing the url and search for your desire software either through search bar or through menu or through eagle view

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