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Hey BJS devs  and others who visit this form!


Myself and my development partner (also bussiness partner) Louis Gurtowski will be attending GDC the week of March 2-6 in San Fran.  We have left the 4th and 5th open to hopefully schedule a gathering of people(only one of these days - perhaps one evening?), with those of you whom often communicate on this forum, but would most likely benefit from an actual meeting of persona somewhere in or around the convention.  I and my bussiness partner represent the control of develoment within our company, however, we're more interested in mostly a social event in exchange of ideas from all persons within a social gathering.  We're talking one on one here - no presentations.


I sincerely hope that you loosers who call themsrlves developers - (this is entirely a joke to hopefully grab a plank amout of interest in organizing such an event.)  And if you missed the "Plank" joke, then you won't likely be attending due to the delta(s) within your own reality.  But for those of you who would like to meet, I firmly believe it can greatly benefit our community, and much can come forth from this exchange.


Any responses and ideas brought forth here on this thread are eagerly welcome - and if I receive few or none, then I'll assume what the level of dedication to this new framework is meeger at best!

Just joking, this community and forum is the best.


So if ANY of you out there are attending GDC this year, please post here - I hope to build a list.  Also, we're welcoming any ideas as to where we might meet and when we might meet -  as own our hotel is not so close to the convention center.  OH - and wherever we meet - must serve alcohol, or let us bring our own - or it's all a mute point (in my opinion.) :blink:


Let's return with some embarrssing pics - or at least some selfies with other developers.  :huh:


POST,POST,POST!!!!  here ;) v 2 weeks left!



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Sorry for the digression about Skype communication, but did you know (jerome' pedantic speech ;) ) that HTML5 API provides something called WebRTC ?

WebRTC is for Web Real Time Communication.


This means your browser can natively capture video/sound, compress them and send them to another browser which will decompress and render them. This bidirectional !

More : both connected browsers exchange the streamed data directly, from peer to peer. No need for a server !

Well, a server is still needed to establish the connection and the session between the client peers, but then the stream flows just between browsers. And it can deal with almost all firewalls, web proxies or NAT... all those things IPS or sysadmins put on your way and you don't even know :P


So, this is really a brand new huge feature, because it's genuine HTML5 only.


You can test it here : https://meet.jit.si/

Or here (french universities network consortium) : https://rendez-vous.renater.fr/


For now only Chrome implements WebRTC AFAIK, so...well, Chrome/Chromium guys


Maybe some days, we will integrate this in BJS as it's only pure HTML5.

I imagine we could use shaders to add on the fly some 3D perspective inside a video call :)

Or a 3D game with avatars having some real time video faces  :lol:

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Have a good time & get what you going are there for.  I Am sure this extra socializing was just a bonus.  This was kind of a long shot, given I only see 5 self identified North American posters.


I do most of my skills maintenance via on-line scavenge, & head banging.  My threshold for travel limited to Toronto, NYC, Montreal.

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