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Found 9 results

  1. Hi guys,A great and very friendly team of professional and creative guys (artists and developers) would be very happy to cooperate on creating mobile games.- Create high-quality 2d graphics: illustrations, symbols and icons, etc. – our professional artists and web designers never lack inspiration. Unique and exclusive products are spiced with a power of experience.- Code in HTML5. Our hard-working developers will provide you with fast and good results.We are open to any offers. We do have some portfolio and would be pleased to share it with you Please, don't hesitate to contact me at [email protected] forward to hearing from you!
  2. Morning! I've been wanting to put some work together and try to apply to some mobile/web game studios and I really want to know the best way to approach the market. Still images? Animations? Small games? What would be impressive? I had an idea to look thru bad games on mobile market and make fake screenshots of how it could look? If anyone has any portfolios they think are good representations that would be awesome! Let's talk!
  3. Hi everyone, we're new to the forum so first of all I think it's a good idea to introduce KaiserGames a little bit and show you guys what we're doing. We're located in Cologne, Germany and it all started with creating our own flash games portals around 2005/2006. Our first portals have been KralOyun.com and SpielAffe.de. Both became the market leader in their respective countries (Turkey and Germany) rather quickly and maintain this position until today. We run a couple of other games portals in different languages, but these two are mainly the pillars of KaiserGames' success. Since late 2013 we started focussing on HTML5 games and launched the respective spin-offs of the aforementioned portals for mobile devices, namely m.spielaffe.de and m.kraloyun.com. They have been growing nicely since January 2014 and each of them already counts more than 2 Million visits every month. We have been following the contents of this forum for quite a while now and thought that now may be a good time to participate and become a part of this community. We're open for interesting discussions and everything else regarding HTML5 games Of course we are mainly interested in meeting cool and capable people here. It's all about the games, so we really hope to make some great connections, especially to developers who are interested in sharing their games with a wide audience, selling licenses and stuff like that. From what we've seen so far, we have definitely come to the right place Looking forward to joining some valuable and worthwhile conversations. If you have any questions, please ask us anytime! Best regards from Germany, Lars / KaiserGames PS: We are developing games in-house as well. If you have the time, maybe take a look at m.spielaffe.de and search for Smarty Bubbles and Kiba & Kumba: High Jump.
  4. If you’re an individual, company or an agency that cares about kickass game designs, I can help you. Please see complete portfolio on my website http://www.aishagull.com/
  5. Hey, I am looking for a Lead Game Architect to add to my team in the Alpharetta area. Full-time, up to 3 days remote work, making up to 40 digital games like bejeweled and farmville. leading a team, very hands-on front-end work. Please contact me at [email protected] if you or anyone you know is interested. thank you julia [email protected]
  6. I am a freelance video game composer looking for more projects! I compose custom music for games, animation, film, and media. I recently scored an indie feature film & several indie games. For more info (rates, contact info, demos, etc.), visit my site at: http://www.samanthafoster.net If interested, contact me via email (on my website) or on my website's online contact form. Rates are negotiable! Alternatively, I have a small selection of royalty-free tracks available on Bandcamp & AudioJungle: Bandcamp: http://samanthafoster.bandcamp.com/album/royalty-free-tracks-mixed-bag-vol-1 AudioJungle: http://audiojungle.net/user/samfostersound/portfolio
  7. Oxeye Studios is currently on the lookout for ambitious individuals to join our team of talented and enthusiastic HTML5 Game Developers in the Hyderabad of India. We are looking for both junior and seniorHTML5 developers, so whether you are fresh out of university, or are applying with years of industry experience you may be considered for a role within our ever expanding games studio. We aim to produce the best quality HTML5 games possible for desktop and mobile browsers. Positions: 10 Minimum of 1+ years of experience in a similar role. Roles and Responsibilities: Develop & Design HTML5 Mobile Games with the help of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, AJAX, SVG, XMLStrong hands on programming experience in HTML5, Java script.Very good knowledge of HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, WebGL, jQuery, Java, AJAX, SVG, XMLUp to date on HTML5 trends and best practices Working in coordination and collaboration with the creative team and other programmers Candidates who can join IMMEDIATELY will be given preference. Job Location: - Hyderabad Type: - Permanent Requirement Status: High Priority Compensation: Best In Industry Contact - [email protected]
  8. Hey BJS devs and others who visit this form! Myself and my development partner (also bussiness partner) Louis Gurtowski will be attending GDC the week of March 2-6 in San Fran. We have left the 4th and 5th open to hopefully schedule a gathering of people(only one of these days - perhaps one evening?), with those of you whom often communicate on this forum, but would most likely benefit from an actual meeting of persona somewhere in or around the convention. I and my bussiness partner represent the control of develoment within our company, however, we're more interested in mostly a social event in exchange of ideas from all persons within a social gathering. We're talking one on one here - no presentations. I sincerely hope that you loosers who call themsrlves developers - (this is entirely a joke to hopefully grab a plank amout of interest in organizing such an event.) And if you missed the "Plank" joke, then you won't likely be attending due to the delta(s) within your own reality. But for those of you who would like to meet, I firmly believe it can greatly benefit our community, and much can come forth from this exchange. Any responses and ideas brought forth here on this thread are eagerly welcome - and if I receive few or none, then I'll assume what the level of dedication to this new framework is meeger at best! Just joking, this community and forum is the best. So if ANY of you out there are attending GDC this year, please post here - I hope to build a list. Also, we're welcoming any ideas as to where we might meet and when we might meet - as own our hotel is not so close to the convention center. OH - and wherever we meet - must serve alcohol, or let us bring our own - or it's all a mute point (in my opinion.) Let's return with some embarrssing pics - or at least some selfies with other developers. POST,POST,POST!!!! here v 2 weeks left! DBawel
  9. Well, since this is a game orientated forum - why not start a thread dealing with your personal favourite mobile games? I am always looking for some secret game jewels you might have discovered and like playing. Currently, being an oldschool Amiga lover, I just bought Alien Breed for Android. Since I love the original - I love this, too. Another cute adventure in 8bit-pixel styleI just came across is Quiet, Please! which offers a short but cute little story.
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