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Anyone got Pixi js to work with Ejecta?


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Hi - I'm running it actually. Text doesn't work but except for that it's awesome. GPU cycles are extremely fast (1ms render time), CPU cycles are the same - no JIT allowed in iOS, still ejecta seems like the sane way of packing your pixi game.

The awesome is that the rendering is done by OpenGL and you can measure the frame rate directly from xCode.

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The only one I've found is https://github.com/3dseals/Ejecta-X, but I haven't tested it yet.

I think if at first your game succeeds in the iOS app store, then you should think about going multiplatform (with cocos2d-x for example) - ejecta is a very nice wrapper that gets you up and running fast with canvas games on iOS without the need to worry about GPU performance.

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Ejecta-X seems lack of maintainer recently, it's not updated for a while.

Hope someone else can continue with it or something else.


Maybe ejecta can be ported to android using http://www.apportable.com/ or http://en.morningtec.cn/stella


And here's another crossplatform(android/ios) JavaScript based engine http://openaphid.github.io/. It is not continued but looks very promising, and author even writes some articles about js based engine development on mobile devices which i think maybe helpful if anyone wants to make another ejecta like thing :D

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