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Pixi.js for Typescript?


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Not unless someone has a tool for generating it from jsdoc comments, or the community wants to maintain one. There are quite a few attempts to have one maintained, but they always fall out of date due to the lack of actual people using them.


The most up-to-date one is probably the one shipped with Phaser: https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser/blob/a75e28d2b88d833770e5307854dee5ba02ab452e/typescript/pixi.d.ts


But it is for v2 of Pixi and will be inaccurate after the v3 release.

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Are there many API changes in v3? I had a quick glance and noticed the PIXI.core etc. split, but haven't looked at the classes.


Yes, there are quite a few. This is a major version release which means it contains api-breaking changes. The internals have changed a ton, and the API reflects a lot of that. Most API changes are renaming or moving around, but there are quite a few things that have just flat out changed to something new.

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