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Ads Phaser + Coocon


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Dear Developers ,

I recently finished an app with lots of help from your forum , so thank you very much .
I just have one thing to do ... and is adding ads .

I followed the instructions given on page Ludei ( MoPub + Coocon ) and works !, addition to this use a code posted by a member of this community.


  Cocoon.Ad.banner.on("ready" , function(){                Cocoon.Ad.setBannerLayout(Cocoon.Ad.BannerLayout.BOTTOM_CENTER);                Cocoon.Ad.showBanner();            });            Cocoon.Ad.interstitial.on("ready", function(){                Cocoon.Ad.showInterstitial();            });            function show_iAD(){  Cocoon.Ad.loadInterstitial();  }            function show_bAD(){  Cocoon.Ad.loadBanner();       }            function kill_bAD(){  Cocoon.Ad.hideBanner();       }

The problem is that advertising that appears is test , I could not get displayed properly. (See attach)
I think something I'm doing wrong , but I do not know that . Please help

sorry for my English .


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