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  1. Hi Everyone, I guess most of you already know Adinplay as its so commonly used among HTML5 game developers. But for those which don't, Adinplay offers the ability to easily and seamlessly implement ads on your games, and continuously optimize your ad revenues. The ad types which are the most popular, and can be easily implemented, are the display banner ads, video ads, and rewarded ads. But bear in mind that rewarded ads require value exchange (XP, items, extra lives, guides etc...) in return for watching the ads. For more information, or to sign up and test it for yo
  2. Until now It was nearly impossible to get classic rewarded ads (from legit ad network) into web based games, especially for PC. Finally rewarded ads from google became true also on the PC web. https://www.gamearter.com/blog/rewarded-ads-for-web-games
  3. Hi all! Which service do you know and suggest to implement rewarded video ads for an HTML5 web (not native app) game? Thank you in advance
  4. People recommended Adinplay for Ads that accept to get paid via paypal with a good perfomance but the Vat/Taxes is up to you. Is there any ADs system for html5 games on they pay the vat/taxes in the same way itch.io does?
  5. I made a multiplayer HTML5 game for web browsers but i have no idea how to monetize it. I don't have a google adsense account and I don't think they'd accept my game with low (20-30) amount of players, i can't afford server prices without ads. Any suggestions are welcome. (except sites that show popup ads or only has paypal as payment method)
  6. hi, actually i use charboost reward video to give the possibility to unlock my level. I would add another feature : each 5 level i would play a reward video to increase my revenue. how do you that ? must i need two account on charboost ? thanks for your help.
  7. Is it allowed to monetize a Phaser based game for the web ( not mobile) trough Google AdSense ads ?
  8. Hey everyone, GoogleAds banner is hiding when using: game.scale.startFullScreen(); but when just click F11 on keyboard - all look okay. browser Chrome/Firefox. does anyone know how to fix this problem?
  9. No longer needed.
  10. How to be part of the GIANT Chinese Mobile Market Research Data shows that the Chinese Mobile Game’s Market will break its scale to 3 Billion USD in the year 2014($3.2B US & $21.6B worldwide)! This marks the milestone difference that China will make in the global mobile market. The ARPPU and conversion rate of the Chinese users have both increased by 20% from January to March. What the foreign advertisers, app developers and even the networks need now is to get a good channel, a great platform, and a brand new start to develop their business in the Chinese Market. Where to find? Furt
  11. I have a Phaser game that I'm packaging with Cordova. I've been using this admob plugin for insterstials but I decided I wanted to add some reward videos since I've heard they#re really good. In theory that plugin should be able to serve them but I can't get them to work. I thought the problem might be with my mediation so I tried a couple of other plugins that serve the videos directly (admob doesn't serve reward videos itself), like this vungle one and this UntyAds one. I can't get any of them to work, even if I build them in a clean, empty project. I suspect that I have something wrong
  12. Use our free ad exchange network to acquire traffic to your site. Bebi Ad Network is the easiest way to get new visitors or getting your new promotion noticed. Best of all our traffic comes exclusively from gambling and sites. Learn more at Bebi Ad Network. http://www.bebi.com/
  13. Is there any way to implement ads on Chrome Web Store? Anybody tried? I'm not asking about in-app purchases, I know it's working, just can't find anything about ads in official documentation for Chrome Web Store.
  14. I've tried to find some resources on how to implement an ad network inside of the phaser game, and I encountered some dificulties. I tried leadbolt and mopub, however I couldn't get either one to work. Does anyone have any handy guides on how to implement ANY ad network in pure javascript without going deep into their sdk? mopub seems promising to me but I'm looking for any kind of information. I'd like it if there was something that could work as an overlay over my existing app like a div that I can reposition as needed on the screeen.
  15. Besides in-app payments, chrome webstore offers monetization with ads - i have read this from article: http://www.marketjs.com/blog/Making-money-with-HTML5-games There is said about ad networks: the good choice is adsense or ad4Game. Anyone has experienced with ad4Game? Is it possible to use clay.io as ad network? Which one is better and are there good alternatives for desktop browser game? In developer program policies https://developers.google.com/chrome/web-store/program_policies?csw=1 i don't understand one thing: Does it mean, that i can use ads only for advertising my another ga
  16. Hi all, I hope to hear about which one is really good or recommended advertisement company? I heard LeadBolt is good but I don't know if they have video ads for mobile web apps? Any suggestions?
  17. Hey everyone. We've just published a video montage of cool content made in PlayCanvas. Check it out: Hope you like it!
  18. I thought I would post this general topic just to view if there are some initial interest in it. There are various ways to monetize games already, it would just be great to start talking about not only the success stories, but also the failures and the levels of success/failure that was obtained. If you know about someone, or have some 1st-hand knowledge/links to share, please do so
  19. Dear Developers , I recently finished an app with lots of help from your forum , so thank you very much . I just have one thing to do ... and is adding ads . I followed the instructions given on page Ludei ( MoPub + Coocon ) and works !, addition to this use a code posted by a member of this community. Cocoon.Ad.banner.on("ready" , function(){ Cocoon.Ad.setBannerLayout(Cocoon.Ad.BannerLayout.BOTTOM_CENTER); Cocoon.Ad.showBanner(); }); Cocoon.Ad.interstitial.on("ready", function(){ Cocoon.Ad.showInterstitial();
  20. Hi, Does anyone have any experience with adding ads (preferably interstitials / video ads) into an HTML5 that is aimed at mobile users (deployed as a native app with something like Intel XDK). I basically want to add an ad wrapper to my engine to allow users to display ads to their users to generate revenue. Thanks Mat
  21. Hi everyone am trying to implement ads in my game i read all about this thing , i made mopub account , and i took the banner ad id and put it in compiler configuration (i have a premium account) , also integrated admob with mopub , and referenced both (cocoon.js , cocoon_ad.js latest version) in my game after all i wrote the following code : Cocoon.Ad.banner.on("shown", function () { console.log("Banner shown!"); }); Cocoon.Ad.banner.on("ready", function () { console.log("Banner Ready!"); Cocoon.Ad.setBannerLayout(Cocoon.Ad.BannerLayout.BOTTOM_C
  22. Hi guys, I'm kinda new of this ads thing, but I really want to know on how things work. I want to display interstitial ads for every round I could give. Does that counts as multiple impressions? Say you have an endless running game, and when the game is over you display the interstitial ads, and do it all over again. If it isn't, do you know any ads that would agree on that terms? or maybe there are some better tricks to make it work? This is very important for me because I don't want to show the Players too much ads if less ads to display works almost the same (unless the intention is t
  23. Hello everybody! So for the sake of curiosity, and to build up my game dev chop,s I plan to creating a few decent quality (hopefully), simple games using phaser.io and pushing them to various portals online. I also plan to experiment with the various ad modules (admob, leadbolt, etc..) just to get an actual feel for the process. Can anyone suggest a few distribution portals? (I know about Kongregate and New Grounds, but i want to check out Amazon and Chrome web store. Is this advisable?) I'm not getting a lot of information regarding the policy of in game ads. Are they allowed on thes
  24. Hey guys, I have just got adverts working in my game, however I have an issue with loading the ad. When I call this function fullscreen1 = CocoonJS.Ad.createFullscreen(fullscreen1Params);It will lock up/lag my game until it fetches the ad. I want to do this asynchronously but I don't know how to tackle this using pure javascript (I am not using a framework that has this built in). Does anyone have tips for how they bypassed this issue? I am tempted to just wait until the complete callback is called however if the ad fails to load then the game will never start. Is there a simple way arou
  25. Hello I have been trying everything to put ads in my pandajs game but I am struggling to do so. The cocoonjs website is not clear on what code exactly I need to put into my game. I just want banner ads on the bottom of the screen Could someone please help me! thanks
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