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Project: Lanavel.com WebGl/VR Youtube


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We, the Lanavel GmbH, are two developers from Nürnberg, Germany and we like to create some kind of youtube for WebGL/VR apps.

We are searching for developers who would like to have their project hosted on our site. Its free, we pay for the servers and CDN and everything. We plan to integrate simple payment options so that the users can donate money to the developers. No money gets taken, its direct from the user to the developer. The platform will try to get its money from ads.


At the moment we have about 500 developers signed up to our newsletters, but the problem is that we think that only 5% would supply us with content at launch. (It is a rule of thumb that only 0.1-1% what you do in marketing matters. So 5% is  optimistic.)

We can't launch with 25 projects on the site.


Something very positive about this project is that it creates synergys between the developers. Traffic one developer gathers automatically gets over to the next project.


If you are interested in helping us, you can go to www.lanavel.com and signup as developer or user.

Its a mailchimp mailing list, and a very quiet one I must say.

And follow us on Twitter: @lanavelvr


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Good point! I personally agree with you - look at this picture: http://top-web.us/reinventing-the-web-the-youtube-for-vr/

Its perfect.

It is just marketing, most developers are men, men love women, especially red haired women. More redhaired women more signups. More signups more developers on board.

We don't have a red haired woman on our team, I personally even don't know one, and haven't seen one in a while ;)


Thanks for allowing this post by the way. You support us a great deal! We hope we can be a good addition to the scene!

At the moment we are working on the alpha of the site, and especially our own crazy content as an example.


It is some kind of a virtual reality room where you can walk around (in 2d on your screen or with an oculus) and watch videos.

hm technically we build a 2d website, where you can watch content in 3d or 2d, but in our demo you walk around to watch content on virtual 2d screens in a virtual 3d world on your physical 2d screen on a 2d website with or without a 3d device.


Sorry it is just what we want to submit to the platform. We are developers ourselves, and building a youtube like platform isn't that creative or complicated. But our own account on the platform will have plain stupid content and we will like that ;)


We hope you guys upload something cooler, games 2d 3d, applications anything. Its only like a picture frame, you can do whatever you want, as long its not harmful to the user.


Thanks again for letting me write here!

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