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Html5 Game Dev Webring


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I though it would be cool if we had a webring for our portfolios.


If you don't know what that is, it is a ring of websites connected by a logo or link that leads to the next website in the ring. Eventually the websurfer comes back around to the first page they originally landed on.

So if a person happens on your portfolio, it is easy for them to see every portfolio in the ring.


I was thinking of using a logo like this(which I made in Blender):


Html5 Game Webring


  Click the logo for

     the next site


If you are interested in being included, please post a link to your portfolio in this thread and I will set it up.


If you have suggestions or questions, post them here.


Note: I will probably make the logo a bit smaller.

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Oh.. dropping the 3D animated ring for a start :)


But seriously ... don't worry about it, just keep on having fun in Blender and making stuff. I remember when I used to spend hours in Bryce rendering out silly little water and cloud scenes all over the place. I wish I had time like that to just mess around again :)

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