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Uncaught ReferenceError: BABYLON is not defined

dialog.js:1 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'prototype' of undefined

42b0cbc0b9b6e04640d9387e9f074de762b0e992.googledrive.com/:21 Uncaught ReferenceError: BABYLON is not defined

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I changed to a GoogleDrive hosted babylon.js, try again.  Thought it most appropriate as the first public scene for the Dialog extension.  Still need to make an even higher level control, where display has buttons on the left & right.  Something like << 5318008 >>. 


Also need to provide an option for an opaque behind plane, in addition to a material option.  Right now shows good because the very light background.

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I just took a look at a beautified dialog.js, and, wow... what a great piece of work!  Absolutely a PRO-grade dialog system! 


JC is not screwing around.  This is a dialog CLASS, like one might find in Xul, Java, WPF, jQuery-UI. Holy crap!!!  YAY!


I was plenty happy with having real mesh fonts to fly thru a scene... to make storytelling more fun.  But this dialogWindow "class"... is something much more amazing than flying fonts.  It's an early implementation of true 3D gui (that reasonably replicates our current loved 2D gui).


Thank you, JC!!!  You know what property we BJS users are going to want to use more than any other, right?  Yep.  Thickness (extrusion amount).  That will be my favorite JcPalmer DialogClass property, I'm am sure of it.  :)






:)  We'll want independent thickness setting for dialog border, too.  And each letter in a word, sentence, paragraph, or story...  should be allowed a random thickness between val and val.  And then.. allow only each word to have a different thickness, not each letter.  And then... allow each sentence... but not each word.  And then, each paragraph... etc. etc.


PARTY!  People, it's a fully loaded dialogClass!!  With events and stuff!  And resizing!  And xul/xaml things like spacers and springs and dragable dividers!  JcPalmer as begun... XUL for webGL!  I think that gets him a statue and a parade.  We'll talk about your potential beach bungaloo, later, Jeff.  Thanks again... this is going to be SO COOL!

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@dbawel - I know how to prioritize. :D


@wingnut -  This system's layout capabilities are one level below the 3 Java GUIs (Swing, SWF, & Android).  They all have multiple ways that panels that can be layed out / nested together.  I am / was familiar with Swing & Android actually at the source code level.  I picked a single layout type,  one very similar to Android LinearLayout, because if I could only have 1, that would be it.


As far as some other stuff,  like most form oriented interfaces, things are geared to having one default setting per object type, e.g. Button.  This is commonly called Look & Feel.  Individual instances can be modified,  but many do not allow the third letter of a button or Label to be a different fontsize.  You can probably do it, if you really need to though.


You seem to approaching this from a document point of view.  Multi-line Labels are not handled.  Of course, someone might put in a PR to add a static method to Label like:

public static makeParagraph(text : string) : BasePanel{    ...}

Adding stuff like that right now is not a priority.


This is a description of the Look & Feel adjust-ability:



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