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Hi, I have a new problem, and I don't know how to fix it. .I have a character, by default it looks at Vector3(1,0,0). It has an animation of walk, but when I start animation, my character looks at Vector3(0,0,-1), I try to rotate my character, but when start animation, this is rotating too. And my question is: Can I rotate skeleton, to the same direction as mesh (1,0,0)?, because I don't want to rotate my mesh when start the animaiton.

Can I get all bones and rotate all with a specific angle?

Or I have to make animation in the same direction as mesh, in maya?



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DK has the solution - although I would parent your bones or whatever is driving your mesh to a single null object to reorient your skeleton and mesh, and then freeze all transforms and unparent from the new null object used to reorient your character - if I ubderstand correctly.  This is especially simple to do in Maya.


Just use caution if the mesh in which your bones are animating have any hierarchical objects as children to the weighted mesh.  Otherwise, I always advise everyone working with bones from ANY package to freeze transforms on all objects - especially bones - prior to animating the skeleton.  This will always provide a reliable binding pose and solve all kinds of transform problems you're likely to run into at some point in time.  

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