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An way to display what's being preloaded? (e.g.. sounds, graphics etc.)


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Hi @enpu


Not necessarily the file, but what kind of file ...


Loading Graphics

Loading Sound FX

Loading Music


It's ok if this isn't possible, just wondering :)


I notice that the loader slows down a lot towards the end, as I think it's loading a big music file.


It seems like the loader bar isn't proportional to the stuff being loaded.


I think I need to reduce the size of my music files.

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Yeah the loader first loads graphics, then audio.

It might be possible to get the info when it starts to load first audio file, but then it might still be loading some other graphic files.

Do you think that info is useful? I can add it to the next version.


And also the engine does not know which audio files are used as music and which are sound effects.

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Hi @enpu


Thank you for the offer, but don't spend you time on it (you're very busy as it is).


I was just wondering about what's possible.


Instead, I will reduce the size of my music files to speed up loading.


I do have a quick question tho ...


Do you bother using Atlases? Or packing all your graphics onto one sprite sheet?


I've been told that this loads a lot faster, then loading a lot of separate images.


Do you think it's worth it? It seems a bit silly  :mellow:

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Hmmm seems like a lot of extra work.


What happens when for example you have ...


- a tree

- a dog animation

- a car


... on the same sprite sheet?


Do you have to extract the frames from the correct positions using code?


What about when all the sprites have different sizes?


Thank you for you help btw!

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