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A few problems with the blender exporter


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Hey guys!


I have a few tiny problems with blender. Nothing big, I swear! XD


First off, it seems that whatever checkboxes you check (such as export current layer) aren't saved when you save the file! Is there a way to do this on my end, or is there a way to make it so it does? That'd streamline everything a bit more! Just a suggestion.


Also, none of my blender files have lamps or cameras, so the exporter always generates a warning log, which slows down exporting a bit. I absolutely LOVE the log, but could you make it so it doesn't warn about missing lamp/camera? Just an idea.



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Hello josh, and others,


I was just about starting a post about a problem in the blender exporter when I see yours, so I think we can use this topic for all blender exporter related problems (mhmm but maybe it's better to have problem well separated...).


Well indeed, here's a (lot bigger) problem, may I call it a bug ^_^ :


I've just noticed that in the 3D scene I'm working on now, the produced babylon file contains many duplicate materials (with the exact same name and same id).

More precisely, I have all materials listed 10 times in the babylon file. (I've noticed that problem because since my scene has a lot of materials, there are hundreds :blink: of unwanted - and useless - XHR requests while loading the babylon file).


I will create some test cases for you to better point the problem.

For now what I can say is my scene uses submaterials, and for some textures I have errors and warnings in the log (for instance Error: 'D:\\Interne\\...etc...\\texture_sdw.png' and 'D:\\Projectsts\\\...etc...\\texture_sdw.png' are the same file,  which doesn't surprise me, due to the way blender manage paths if we work on the same file on different computers).


But, strangely, the number of duplicates materials doesn't correspond to neither the number of errors, the number of warnings, the number of submaterials, the number of all materials used in the scene, nor a combination of them... :huh:  <_<  :(

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I don't have some for now, but I will create one in a few days (right now I'm too busy finishing a project for a trade fair starting tomorrow :P)


(nothing to do, at all, with that, but I'm currently listening to a webcast where you're talking about spartan, and when I saw your post here, during a few seconds I was asking myself "how the hell does he manage to answer in the forum while talking on the radio at the same time... :lol: :lol: , silly me :D )

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The multi listing of materials, I remember.  It happens, because materials array has global scope.  When you run first time in the same Blender session, you get 1 copy.  10th export of a session, you get 10 copies.  I know I fixed this, but maybe not in the .babylon exporter.  This drove me nuts for a while, cause it would seem to disappear every time I dedicated some time to look into it.


I am not sure the checkbox settings will ever get saved with .blend unless it happens automatically, & you save after an export, of course.  As far as benign warnings, e.g. advanced devs using Blender to build components in separate .blends & using append() to assemble everything later, warnings about no lights / cameras are only a minor issue.  For the novice hanging on for dear life, it gives them a clue as to why "nothing ever shows up".

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Hello guys!


I also have a problem with blender exporter. I'm pretty new to Babylon and I've never worked with Blender before, so I might be doing something really wrong and I hope you could help me figure out what. I export this mesh from Blender to Babylon:



But all I can get in my program when I import the mesh is this:


And if I scale (if you could help me with this too I would be more than grateful) I get this:


And this I get when I move some of this objects:


Any hint, example or suggestion is more than welcomed.


Thank you!

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