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scale.x and scaleX, specificially for GSAP


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I'm using GSAP with PIXI and if I want to tween scale and position I have to make specific tweens for each.



tl.to(player_1, 0.6, {y:"+=200"}, "label");

tl.to(player_1.scale, 0.6, {y:1}, "label");


This forces me to make needless code, such as adding labels to make the animation sync up.


Is there a chance you'll add scaleX and scaleY instead/along side of scale.x and scale.y?

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When i add 


Object.defineProperties(PIXI.Sprite.prototype, {
scaleX: {
     get: function () { return this.scale.x; },
     set: function (v) { this.scale.x = v; }
scaleY: {
     get: function () { return this.scale.y; },
     set: function (v) { this.scale.y = v; }


into the same area of the code where the getters and setters for width and height are everything works great. Just one problem and that is I would prefer to add this after the fact so that i can use the CDN version of the JS file. We are producing banners and the ad servers wont count pixiJS to or KB size if we do it this way. But im stuck i can't figure out how do to this. 


Any chance you could give me / us a tip.






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