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Web Audio loop isn't working in Chrome


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When looping audio in Chrome (using BABYLON.Sound), the audio only being played once and then being stopped. In Firefox everything works as expected.

First I experienced this issue in my project, then I checked the playground demo  and got the same result.

I use babylon 2.0, the playground uses babylon 2.1 beta. Chrome version is the latest at this moment -  42.0.2311.90 m

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It certainly appears to be a bug in Chrome.  Works for me in Firefox as well, but doesn't loop in Chrome - as everyone else has also reported.  I tried everything I know - detached sound from the mesh, replaced the function() in the Babylon.sound arguments with null, stripped everything out other than to play and loop the .wav file. Even created a new camera in a different position - and nada - no audio looping. 


I can't think of a single other thing to try.  Bugs like this really suck - since without loading into Firefox, one might spend hours thinking it's their script. I hope this one is fixed soon, and that someone lets the community know when it's working.  We always appriciate those who fix these issues. :)





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