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Please help building Phaser docs JSON files!


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I need to build the Phaser docs, specially the JSON files that are under the "resources/docgen/output" folder.


I see these files are not matching with the current HTML doc (the JSON files last modification are from 5 months ago, but the HTML files are from a month ago), an example of mismatch is the Loader.audiosprite() method.


I tried to build  it through "grunt docs" but I get this error:


C:\...\bower_components\phaser>grunt docsRunning "clean:docs" (clean) taskCleaning docs/pixi-jsdoc.js...OKRunning "pixidoc" taskMutilating type: (Array(Filter)=>Array<Filter>)Mutilating type: (Array(DisplayObject)=>Array<DisplayObject>)Mutilating type: (Array(Filter)=>Array<Filter>)Mutilating type: (Array(Shader)=>Array<Shader>)Skipping loose comment: Graphics.js:904 (first)No items for GraphicsDataNo items forSkipping loose comment: CanvasBuffer.js:1 (first)Skipping loose comment: CanvasRenderer.js:156 (first)Mutilating type: (Array(Number)=>Array<Number>)Skipping loose comment: WebGLSpriteBatch.js:1 (first)Mutilating type: ({Number}=>Number)Mutilating type: ({Boolean}=>Boolean)Skipping loose comment: Texture.js:8 (first)Skipping loose comment: EventTarget.js:6 (first)Skipping loose comment: Intro.js:1 (first)Running "jsdoc:html" (jsdoc) task>> Unable to locate jsdocWarning: Wrong installation/environnement Use --force to continue.

As you can see it fails with the "jsdocs:html" task but did a test and it also fails with the "jsdoc:json" task.


I need to update these JSON files to fix tools like PhaserChains and others I am already developing.





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