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Found 14 results

  1. I am new to coding in Phaser 3 and I was told that the best way of learning was to look up the examples. I currently do not have the speed to run them online, so need to have a local copy. That's why I was wondering how big the examples are.
  2. I'm new to BJS, so I'm using the docs to learn. I've noticed some typos, so I forked the docs github and pushed fixes. Nice and simple. However, when using the API to find more info about classes or methods, it's a pain to scroll through and seek the right one. Even with a page-search (ctrl+f) there's multiple partial results. So, I wondered if I could add Alphabet linking to Classes, Properties, and Methods - the big lists. So, the top of each list has A, B, C... Z. You click H, and you see all that start with H. Each letter group has a minimalist separation from the others. I searched the github for where to edit and how, but got lost. Is this possible with the currently used typedocs? Any tips on how to do it? I've read from the typedocs website already, and searched about the docs github, to no avail.
  3. I want to implement a bitmapData property to skew my sprite, so anybody help me out there..? need to know how to implement search docs in our game..?
  4. The docs used to show members, methods, and events, but now the events aren't showing up. Were they dropped by accident maybe? -Because the reference for them was pretty handy:)
  5. g'day g'day I've been lurking around a few forum posts addressing anchoring with Phaser Graphics objects and why you can't do it. I gathered it was something to do with it being a lower level issue with Pixi (don't quote me on that) the solution for dealing with this seemed to come down to either using pivot or generateTexture() and loading into image / sprite. Since it looks like post 2.5.0 we've lost Phaser.Graphics.pivot, I was wondering if there was any performance loss / gain by calling generateTexture() and loading into a Phaser.Image / Phaser.Sprite and anchoring from there? I guess simply put, is it cheaper to have 10 Phaser.Graphics or 10 Phaser.Images? ( bonus points for shedding light on what happened to pivot )
  6. Hi, Some documentation classes (such as ArcRotateCamera ) return 404, were they moved somewhere else ? And also some tutorials are not displaying anymore. I'm I the only one who's getting the 404 error ? Can someone verify ?
  7. I like that the docs are now built into the official Phaser website, and i like the autocompleting search function. However the sticky header is taking up a large portion of the screen, making it annoying to read on smaller screens. The section that's sticking seems only relevant for those that repeatedly need to change which version they're reading. Which for my own case i'll select the version and then really don't need the option omnipresent, not sure how other developers are working with the docs. Example here: http://phaser.io/docs/2.4.4/Phaser.Physics.Arcade.html Just a polite suggestion that unsticking the header would make for easier reading, and keep the UX inline with the rest of the site.
  8. Hello, I need to build the Phaser docs, specially the JSON files that are under the "resources/docgen/output" folder. I see these files are not matching with the current HTML doc (the JSON files last modification are from 5 months ago, but the HTML files are from a month ago), an example of mismatch is the Loader.audiosprite() method. I tried to build it through "grunt docs" but I get this error: C:\...\bower_components\phaser>grunt docsRunning "clean:docs" (clean) taskCleaning docs/pixi-jsdoc.js...OKRunning "pixidoc" taskMutilating type: (Array(Filter)=>Array<Filter>)Mutilating type: (Array(DisplayObject)=>Array<DisplayObject>)Mutilating type: (Array(Filter)=>Array<Filter>)Mutilating type: (Array(Shader)=>Array<Shader>)Skipping loose comment: Graphics.js:904 (first)No items for GraphicsDataNo items forSkipping loose comment: CanvasBuffer.js:1 (first)Skipping loose comment: CanvasRenderer.js:156 (first)Mutilating type: (Array(Number)=>Array<Number>)Skipping loose comment: WebGLSpriteBatch.js:1 (first)Mutilating type: ({Number}=>Number)Mutilating type: ({Boolean}=>Boolean)Skipping loose comment: Texture.js:8 (first)Skipping loose comment: EventTarget.js:6 (first)Skipping loose comment: Intro.js:1 (first)Running "jsdoc:html" (jsdoc) task>> Unable to locate jsdocWarning: Wrong installation/environnement Use --force to continue.As you can see it fails with the "jsdocs:html" task but did a test and it also fails with the "jsdoc:json" task. I need to update these JSON files to fix tools like PhaserChains and others I am already developing. Thanks
  9. im new to game development and i began with phaser which seems to be a great framework but i can't understand it's documention very well. Lets talk about phaser groups. How you understand how to use groups based on the documention ? Examples are clearer but limited they dont cover everything.
  10. Hi, I can't find in main page links to docs and examples. I think for new users, it looks very strange, and we lose them.
  11. HI everyone, I work on remake an old game i really liked when i was young. It's a plateform game and i use a lot of TileMap. I wanna use "Phaser.TileMap.setTileLocationCallback" function because it seems to be the good one but this function are not documented (or the comment is the same as "setTileIndexCallback"). The only example i have seen on this function is 'Tile Callback'. But in my code, this function dosen't work. The callback are not called. Does this function need some configuration before using it? Anyone as a simple example of code? Thank you in advance
  12. 2dt

    New Strip class?

    Excited for the new Pixi 1.5. I was looking through the documentation, and found a few new classes that I haven't seen before. What exactly is Strip? At first glance it looks just like the Sprite class? Thanks.
  13. I know hosting the examples locally is trivial but sometimes it is just easier to have a link than configure an additional site for local hosting... don't forget your mime type of .json ;-) anyways... feel free to reference here: http://phaserjs.g30rg3d.com/ Goes without saying but... I did not create these examples nor am I trying to take credit for such. I am merely hosting them for easy access.
  14. I'm looking at the Sprite class, specifically the Lifespan property. I thought to add it to an enemy with 1000 set as the lifespan (which I understand to be in ms), but it didn't die after the time was up. Could someone please explain how one generally goes about unraveling the mysteries locked in the codex of the documentation? ;-) The URL to the property is: http://docs.phaser.io/Phaser.Sprite.html#toc33 The URL to the definition in the Sprite.js file is: http://docs.phaser.io/Sprite.js.html#sunlight-1-line-76 I don't understand how to implement this, and it's a problem that I find myself having every time I go looking through a class: I find a property or method that I want to play around with (to learn), and it ends up not working. But looking further into it (into the actual definition itself), it either says nothing about it, or is too archaic (to me) to understand. For example, the source for Lifespan (as noted in the docs) starts on line 76. Here is what that section (and subsequent lines) states. Nothing about it gives any indication of how to use it. The only thing that I can understand is that it's dealing with displaying a frame...which it also says in the comments ;-) /** * @property {Phaser.Frame} currentFrame - A reference to the currently displayed frame. */ this.currentFrame = null; if (key instanceof Phaser.RenderTexture) { PIXI.Sprite.call(this, key); this.currentFrame = this.game.cache.getTextureFrame(key.name); } else if (key instanceof Phaser.BitmapData) { PIXI.Sprite.call(this, key.texture, key.textureFrame); this.currentFrame = key.textureFrame; } else if (key instanceof PIXI.Texture) { PIXI.Sprite.call(this, key); this.currentFrame = frame; } else { if (key === null || typeof key === 'undefined') { key = '__default'; this.key = key; } else if (typeof key === 'string' && this.game.cache.checkImageKey(key) === false) { key = '__missing'; this.key = key; } PIXI.Sprite.call(this, PIXI.TextureCache[key]); if (this.game.cache.isSpriteSheet(key)) { this.animations.loadFrameData(this.game.cache.getFrameData(key)); if (frame !== null) { if (typeof frame === 'string') { this.frameName = frame; } else { this.frame = frame; } } } else { this.currentFrame = this.game.cache.getFrame(key); } }
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