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Phaser 1.0.5 Update


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The final 1.0.5 is now live on github. Here is the change log:


Version 1.0.5 (September 20th 2013)


  • Fixed issue in FrameData.getFrameIndexes where the input array was being ignored.
  • Added Math.numberArray - Returns an Array containing the numbers from min to max (inclusive), useful for animation frame construction.
  • Fixed a horrendously sneaky bug: If a new tween was created in the onComplete callback of a tween about to be deleted, it would get automatically spliced.
  • Added a pendingDelete property to Tween to stop tweens that were removed during a callback from causing update errors during the TweenManager loop.
  • Added Group.length property.
  • Added explicit x/y attributes to Phaser.Text to make it work with the camera system (thanks cocoademon).
  • Fixed issue stopping multiple animations from playing, only the most recent would play (frames array was being overwritten, thanks Legrandk)
  • Updated Debug.renderSpriteBounds() so it doesn't use the deprecated Sprite.worldView any more (thanks MikeMnD)
  • Added 2 new properties to the Text object: Text.text and Text.style, both are getter/setters and don't flag dirty unless changed, so safe for core loop use.
  • Removed the exists check from Group.callAll, it now runs on all children (as the name implies)
  • Added Group.callAllExists - you can now call a function on all children who have exists = the provided boolean.
  • Finished off the Breakout example game - now fully playable, proper rebound, scoring, lives, etc.
  • Removed Group.sort dummy entry until it's working.
  • Removed ArcadePhysics.postUpdate.
  • Updated Sprite.update to set renderable to false when the object goes out of Camera, not 'visible' false, otherwise it stops the transform being updated by Pixi.
  • BUG: There is a known issue where the wrong rect coordinates are given to the QuadTree if the Sprite is a child of a Group or another Sprite which has an x/y offset.


Version 1.0.4 (September 18th 2013)


  • Small fix to Phaser.Canvas to stop it from setting overflow hidden if the parent DOM element doesn't exist.
  • Added Loader.setPreloadSprite(sprite, direction) - this will automatically apply a crop rect to the Sprite which is updated in line with the load progress.
  • A lot of changes inside the StateManager. State functions are now passed through link() which automatically creates the key Game properties (load, input, etc)
  • Fixed a bug in getFrameByName that wouldn't return the first frame in the array.
  • Updated Phaser.Rectangle.intersects to use x and y instead of left and top so it can be used to check Physics bodies overlapping.
  • Fixed issue in Cache where the Frame index wasn't being set correctly (thanks Cameron)
  • Fixed issue in Sprite where boundsY wasn't set (thanks Cameron)
  • For some reason there were 2 copies of the Canvas class in the build file - fixed, a few KB saved :)
I'm well aware that the Bug I found with the nested children + quad tree is a very serious one, but I wanted to push 1.0.5 out before I started work fixing that. The fix will be done in the new 1.0.6 branch as it's likely to be a quite invasive change and take a few days to complete.
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Here, this will set all Group members to be revived:

yourgroup.callAll('revive', this);

callAll is for calling a function that exists on the children. So things like kill, revive, centerOn, reset, etc.


Or if the Group contains your own objects then any function that they may have.

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Yes, but if you've got a custom object that could mean anything really. It saves you having to hoist each child out into a class level function just to do something 'child' related on it.


Of course there are loads of other Group methods that will do that if that's what you need. callAll is just very specific for local functions only, same as setAll for setting properties.

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