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What is the maximum desired game size?


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It seems to be a lot just for the code. I am not sure what sizes sponsors want now, but some time ago it was a good practice to keep the whole package (code + all assets) under 2MB or less. And I think it haven't changed to much recently. 


BTW. How nape performance looks in mobile browsers? Do you maybe have some online example?

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Did you made this with gamemaker?? if so check whether it even runs on ipad1


My box2d game ran fine on iphone5, On S3 also game runs fine though at a lower frame rate.

On very lower device its not playable


I made it with haxe + openfl . On which devices do you say it's unplayable? Can you link me to your game?

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Never mind i thought you were a game maker user

Heres my box2d game.



It plays as slow as my demo on a low end device (hp tablet) but wouldn't say it's completely unplayable, maybe 10-15fps.

Btw, how did your game sell? I have several physics games in the pipeline, do they perform well?

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