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Amount of content for HTML5 game


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I'm tryingto sell an HTML5 game to the players and did get a couple of 'why would I pay for this web game when I can go on Steam and buy three games on sale instead' kinds of responses; I think it only really worked because I bundled the full game in Node-Webkit so it doesn't look like a webgame. Its kind of working, but I probably would have made more money making a much shorter game to sell directly to portal site sponsors. The players expect free, quality, etc, but the publishers probably have some awareness that if they're offering too little money, then developers won't bother to take the time to make polished things since there'd be too little return on their time.


I would guess that short and sweet is probably best for selling to sponsors, since their players are going to be hopping from game to game (and in some sense, thats actually better for them than someone playing one game for 10 hours - more ads served, etc).

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