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Judder during animations that should be smooth


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I recently finished a very simple game, but there's still some juddering and uneven framerate even though there's really not much going on.

2-3 milliseconds per frame according to https://github.com/englercj/phaser-debug

All I can think is that there's something that occasionally takes a few too many milliseconds that I need to optimise or move from one state to another.

Or maybe there's a deeper problem?

What are the best practices for the types of code and game logic recommended for each state?

What are the best approaches to finding the offending code and the subsequent optimisation?




asset loading


object creation


position changes

player logic




render effects



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This is the case for me as well but it is just so random.


I have a moving stack of X items, No more than 8.  During the update loop, I loop over this collection and update each position.  Since it is scrolling, it is easy to see jerkyness or just stuttering. 


I eventually got back to just the moving stack, I got rid of all other groups in the scene.  Same thing.  Some weird grinding is going on. 

This occurs on both. I was hitting the CPU profiler but it is not really helpful. My own methods are pretty low down the list (not that it means much probably). 



Canvas suffers from something similar so I could not really narrow it down there. 

Chrome says that I am running at constant 60fps on my game rig, and actually it is more noticible on FireFox.  

Funnily, on an IPad, there is silky smoothness at 60fps running in native texture sizes! It looks like an app!

I HAVE to set this.game.forceSingleUpdate = true.   Leaving that as false for all games, on all devices is a killer.  As I said, the older Ipad is looking good for speed with no stuttering, if it is false, performance decreases significantly.

So... I know what GBM is saying but I just cannot narrow it down or even really give any REAL reproduction.  I cannot isolate it to anything.

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This isn't limited to Chrome, but I'll happily give Canary a try. Safari and Firefox also exhibit it, mobile or desktop.


(edit: no change in Canary)

My thoughts are that it is JavaScript Garbage Collection? And that's its unlikely we can avoid it on desktop, or even mobile?

Edit: changed topic title

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