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A bug - debug layer in mobile messes up the layout


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I have the following CSS for canvas:

#canvas {    position: absolute;    width: 100%;    height: 100%;    top: 0;    margin-bottom: 70px;}

I.e. it should appear in full screen. And it does, until I enable the debug layer. Once I've enabled the debug layer, the things are messed up. On desktop everything works as usual, but on mobile the 100% becomes like 30%. I.e. canvas (and all the related controls, background, etc.) that should take 100% of the screen takes only one corner (left&topmost).



If I set engine.setHardwareScaling(1) everything works ok

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I have only one to check  :( But I checked on two browsers - native and Chrome. Breaks on both of them.

First I thought it may be an engine.resize() function (that fixes it up) which called from within engine.setHardwareScaling, but when I tried to do it instead of scaling it didn't work. So somehow the hardware scaling is related... 

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