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BJS marketting : wikipedia


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Guys, could you please copy/cut in this topic the maximum of links about BJS sources (in terms of wikipedia sources = references) you know : articles, shows, demos, tutos, videos, products, works, games, confs, forums, etc ...

Any languages welcome (except vorlonish, I guess)

It is better these sources don't come from BJS site itself of course.


MS references or any other famous IT actor would be a real plus, I think

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If no one volenteers by Monday, I'm happy to write the page.  But I need references to validate.  Anyone who has any published reference and/or historical reference to the history and development of BJS is welcomed to contribute.  I would volenteer now, but I'm actually riding my motorcycle to Mexico as I type this and taking my holiday for the weekend. :D It's my God Daughter's birthday.  BIG FIESTA! :lol:

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I'm here since Babylon exist (September 2013). This forum does not yet exist. but my English is not enough okay to tell her story. Among the oldest Temechon there also and I think Wingnut also. IT can tell the story of Babylon.


But what I can say:

- Babylon began in August 2013 if I'm not mistaken, there was no forum, but already the first versions was really good.

- The forum came in October 2013, if I remember good after many requests from users of the time. I even think I have been part of those who had made this request.

- I have also known that Babylon was written in C# with XNA if my memory is good. DeltaKosh had decided to rewrite it in Javascript because he loved this language of programing.


That's it for its history, as far back as I can remember.




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this is right Dad


I started my first 3d engine in 1994 with pure C code on DOS. No 3d acceleration, the name of the engine was z3d

Then I ported it to Glide which was a kind of openGL for 3dfx (still in 1994)

I then created a completely new engine in 1998 with Direct. The engine was named Nova and used C++ and DirectX

I did 9 versions of Nova till Nova 2010 which was the latest one (with C# and DirectX10)


Then I created the first version of Babylon with XNA and Silverlight 5


babylon.js was a port of Babylon to javaScript + WebGL in August 2013


And then a wonderful community joined Davrous and I to create the best webgl 3d engine :)

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I will stack all these stories  :)


I'm a real beginner at writing Wikipedia. The process doesn't as straight forward as just editing a github wiki.

I need to collect many external references to get a chance the article would be published.

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The real question we want to ask, is... Jerome... are these hours being billed to the University of Rodez?  ;)


But, really, that brings up an interesting point.  Should we farm this out?  For $100, can we get a pro wiki researcher/doc-writer... to "do the story properly" if we hand them a pile of facts?


And allow me to mention one other interesting phenomena I have seen.  Sometimes things are more popular... when they are hidden in a secret cave, behind a rock, in a crypt. 


Do we WANT the general public wandering around in BJS land?  Or is that for later, when we have more time to build UI layers (editors, etc)?   A wiki 'About BJS' is cool.  Marketing?  To that I say "errf".  Let's stay hidden under the rock, so we only get folks who are smart enough to lift rocks and look beneath.  *shrug*

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Actually, I often read about certain unknow (to me) frameworks and going to their website it's sometimes quite weird since I don't know what they really deal with...

So I get back to Wikipedia where I can find a more global and vulgarized information.. before getting deeper, or not, in their website.


"Marketing" is not the appropriate word in this title, but it catches many readers of this forum  ;)  (so writing "marketing" is some kind of marketing... for this topic)


I believe BJS is worth it to have an article in Wikipedia.

Well, that's just my opinion...

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So I was just about to sit down this evening and write a Wikipedia page on BabylonJS.  However, there seems to be a debate now as to whether or not the time is right to broadly introduce BJS to the world and beyond.  I think it is a great idea, and I would certainly present the framework from an honest, factual, straight forward, and respectible view.  But please chime in if you think we should keep this "GEM" to ourselves.  However, I'm sure DK and others are of a different opinion - as am I.


DK - you provided some great history.  I believe I should use real names as those of you who are doing all of the hard work need to receive their props.  But I don't want to leave anyone out.  Can you send me a message with a list of the people's real names whom should be listed for prosperity?  Also, any further specifics and details would be greatly appriciated.


And f there's $100 in it for me, I'm definately in! :D  Just kidding.  I have written a couple of books, and often write for periodicals such as Entertainment Engineering Magazine.  I've been published and can certainly do BabylonJS justice on the world stage.  So if anyone has any further thoughts, let them speak now.  If there's no major dissension, then I'll begin tomorrow.


And yes!  The Tequila flowed like river water and the Chivo (goats) were as tasty as ever! ;)

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I agree.


About mentionning people, I don't think the way the english wikipedia threejs  article is written is really good : it talks about too many people imho.

BJS is an open-source contributed project on github now... this means everyone can contribute and I don't think a wikipedia article should mention github contributors (too low level detailed for an incoming reader).

However BJS has at least a father : DK. So he should of course be mentionned. Because the +100K initial lines of code if we had to give a single reason.

Maybe Davrous too, because he is, AFAIK, one of main leader in the typescript migration... so porting 100K LOC from js to ts is to be mentionned, imho.

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If I were to write this I would focus primarily on what jerome hinted at - which is that the power of this framework comes from the open architecture of the framework allowing so many talented developers and artists to contribute to building a user friendly development tool which is accessible to professionals and novices alike. This to me, is what Babylon.js represents.

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@David: I would love to have you write it. I'm sure it will be honest. regarding DirectX, I used to use it for Nova but not for bjs as I wanted something really web oriented


For the list of names, it will be quick :) I did Nova with Michel Rousseau and Babylon.js with david Rousset. Everything was just by me :)

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I finally submitted a wikipedia page for babylon.js.  I'll post a link once it's approved.  Thanks to DK and everyone else for the info on its inception.  I hope I honored all of the hard work by the brilliant minds creating this framework and the growing # of extensions and apps to optimize the process.  I can't imagine a world without babylon.js now.

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The page is called Babylon.js : An open source framework for authoring 3D using WebGL


But I must have been dreaming! <_<   I just got off of a live chat with Wikipedia.  I assumed the approval process would take a few days, but here are a few lines from the chat:

[06:12] <dbawel> how long does it take for approval of submission usually?
[06:12] <+Huon> dbawel, unfortunately the submission process is severely backlogged, with over 1,300 drafts awaiting review
[06:13] <+Huon> dbawel, I believe the oldes are about a month old, but drafts aren't necessarily reviewed in chronological order
[06:13] <dbawel> All I can do is submit, I suppose.  Thank you.


So, who knows how long it will take.  All we can do is wait - although it sounds like it should be within a month. :mellow:  And after all of the effort - although, it's in the hopper, so I suppose it will be posted sooner than not at all.


DK - I'll send you a draft now by message for you to review.  Let me know what you think, and/or if there's something you'd like for me to add.





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