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Babylon doc v2.0 - class list poll


Documentation v2.0 class list  

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  1. 1. For the class list, what sort do you prefer ?

    • Alphabetical - all classes are listed alphabetically, without any hierarchy
    • Hierarchical - all classes are listed according to their parent class (like it is already today).
    • Both - all classes are listed alphabetically, and all child classes are listed for this class. A class can be listed several times in the list
    • Tag - all class are tagged with keywords, each keyword is a node in the class list. Each class having this tag is present in the hierarchy for this node.

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Hello community, 


I need your help. As you know, we are working on the next version of the documentation (v2.0), and we want it to be the best documentation ever. We are convinced that creating a good looking website AND a usable one is the key to success.


One part for me is not clear for the class list, so could you please takes a few minutes to answer this poll ?

Other answers and comments are of course welcome in this thread.


Thank you very much :)

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I'm not sure of the answer has to choose to vote. I was thinking something like this:


- Math: 
---- Vector4 
---- Vector3 
---- Vector2 
---- Material 
---- DDS textures 
---- TGA textures 
- Cameras: 
---- Arc rotate camera 
---- Free camera 


So a classification by class type and alphabetically. I must choose what to like answer in the vote?

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As the class generation is automatic, a logical sort of class like the one you describe is not possible, or has to be made by hand (you can do it in the current documentation!).

So your answer is not in the poll, but it cannot be as it cannot be made automatically.

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I picked alphabetical.  To go to this section, you should always have some idea of what you are looking for, if not EXACTLY.  Alpha is quickest.  If once you get to any page, there were links to the super class & sub-classes, then you can go hierarchically once there. 


So you might not know all the meshes, but looking thru alphabetically, you see might see AbstractMesh.  All the children are right there, and Node the parent.


If you know the name of the exact class, instancedMesh, you can go direct to it too.  With hierarchy, this is Node->AbstractMesh->instanceMesh.

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And why not have a menu to organize manually as has already been discussed and approved and then automatically generate the classes.


All documentations has this type of organization by class type. This allows you to learn more easily and quickly find what you are looking for.


for example, you search for camera. without knowing the classes of cameras existing, we're going in camera category and were all existing camera class. Same thing with regard Textures & materials, one directly knows everything that exists a glance. it is for me what it does best in documentations.

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Hi Temechon/guys, thanks for doing the poll... that's very considerate.


I'll keep this real brief as to not kill the thread.  The more I read the varying opinions about organization, the more a 5th option comes to mind.


Leave the system as it is now, and everyone can make personal webpages (targeting BabylonDocs links) with any organizational style they choose, and then share those urls with each other.


BD provides the data, and users make their own interfaces to it.  As folks do more and more of these, we list them at a BD page... for all to use.  Or, users can use one of the "derived" organizations that automation can provide us.  


Just another derivative option.  Please keep adding more votes, folks.  I'm getting a topic-killer complex.  :)


Ad: Auduct and I could use help with this.  It's over our heads.  Cya there.  thx. 

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