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pixi running client side?


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Hi all,

I am looking at a pixi test game a friend of mine wrote and it requires the index.HTML to be ran through a local host server. The JavaScript for this game is trivial so was wondering why it doesn't load by simply opening index.HTML through chrome directly. Because the JavaScript is so simple I can only really fathom that it is pixi.js which prohibits purely client side execution. Is this a restriction imposed by pixi.js or can you configure it to work?

If you need me to post the code let me know.


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Ok thanks. In that case can you please advise me on the following:

I have a c++ app that uses directx to render chromium embedded framework. I will feed cef my index.html to run my JavaScript using cef v8 engine. The JavaScript will use pixi.js to play a game I've written. However from what you say it looks like cef sandbox restriction wouldn't allow pixi to run. Is there anything I can do to get this working without embedding some kind of webserver in the c++ app. Maybe configuring cef to be less restrictive in the sandbox?

Thanks for any help.

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